BGSU kinesiology graduate program ranked 10th ranked BGSU’s graduate program in kinesiology 10th on its list of the top 25 kinesiology/exercise science graduate programs in the U.S. Rankings are based on 15 categories and cover a variety of topics from campus safety to return on investment.

According to, rankings are assigned based on reviews posted by more than 75,000 current graduate students or recent graduates participating in over 1,600 graduate programs nationwide.

The master’s in kinesiology program received almost perfect marks in areas such as campus safety, faculty accessibility and support, program value, quality of networking connections and opportunities and use of technology in the classroom.

BGSU has the highest-ranking program in Ohio. Ohio State and Miami also made the top 25 at 14 and 22, respectively.

“The kinesiology program places an equal emphasis on research and practice to meet students' varied interests,” said Dr. Vikki Krane, director of graduate studies for the College of Education and Human Development. “Our students have a lot of flexibility in their course work, and faculty work closely with them to create a course of study that guides students toward their career goals.”

The master’s program in kinesiology emphasizes a lifespan perspective on the study of human movement.

Courses are planned on a two-year rotation, with all coursework to be completed in four semesters. Students have the option to complete either a thesis or project and have the opportunity to assist with research projects in areas such as biomechanics, exercise physiology, sport or exercise psychology and motor behavior.

Faculty in the kinesiology graduate program are active participants in their fields, conducting research on current issues and and serving as board members with national organizations.

Visit the program's website to find more information on the kinesiology graduate program.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:49AM