Scholarship, achievement recognized with tenure/promotion

BOWLING GREEN, O.—The Bowling Green State University Board of Trustees at its May 9 meeting granted promotion and/or tenure to a number of faculty members in recognition of their academic and artistic achievements and scholarship.

Sixteen faculty were promoted to full professor:

Dr. Cynthia Baron, theatre and film
Dr. Juan Bouzat, biological sciences
Dr. Jeffrey Brown, popular culture
Dr. Robert Carels, psychology
Dr. Jonathan Chambers, theatre and film
Dr. John Farver, geology
Dr. Kara Joyner, sociology
Dr. Edgar Landgraf, German, Russian, and East Asian languages
Dr. Thomas Mascaro, media and communication
Dr. Jeffrey Miner, biological sciences
Dr. Kefa Otiso, geography
Dr. Michael Carroll, economics
Dr. Nancy Patterson, teaching and learning
Dr. Lubomir Popov, family and consumer sciences
Dr. Robert Satterlee, music performance studies
Dr. Alan Atalah, construction management

Granted tenure:

Dr. Gabriel Matney, teaching and learning

Granted tenure and promotion to associate professor:

Dr. Karen Guzzo, sociology
Dr. Danielle Kuhl, sociology
Dr. Kristen Rudisill, popular culture
Dr. Carolyn Tompsett, psychology
Dr. Christopher Frey, educational foundations, leadership and policy
Dr. Travis Heggie, human movement, sport and leisure studies
Dr. Matthew Kutz, human movement, sport and leisure studies
Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba, human movement, sport and leisure studies
Dr. Michelle Brodke, applied sciences, BGSU Firelands
Dr. Solungga Fang-Tzu Liu, music performance studies
Amy Fry, collections and technical services

Promoted to senior lecturer:

Dr. Siew Chat Burroughs, general studies writing
Jose Cardenas, media and communication
Ronald Conway, computer science
Dawn Hubbell-Staeble, general studies writing
Dr. Holly Myers, environment and sustainability
Winifred Rex, computer science
Dr. Glenn Tiede, physics and astronomy
Dorothy Kern-Blystone, teaching and learning

Promoted to lecturer:

Paul Alday, media and communication
Dr. Emily Anzicek, media and communication
Jadwiga Carlson, computer science
Dr. Susan Carlton, general studies writing
Abigail Cloud, English
Dr. Charles Coletta, popular culture
Linda Cornwell, sociology
Dr. Susan Cruea, general studies writing
Dr. Kate Dellenbusch, physics and astronomy
Dr. William Diehl, English
Sherri Doust, general studies writing
Marcelle Dupay, art
Dr. Dryw Dworsky, psychology
Angela Garner, English
Dr. Sherona Garrett-Ruffin, psychology
Dr. Cheryl Hoy, general studies writing
Lucinda Hunter, English
Harland Jones, general studies writing
Cheryl Lachowski, general studies writing
Dr. Cynthia Mahaffey, general studies writing
Dr. Eric Mandell, physics and astronomy
Robert McManus, general studies writing
Ian Mladjov, history
Joel O'Dorisio, art
Dr. Daniel Pavuk, biological sciences
Dr. Allen Rogel, physics and astronomy
Amy Rybak, general studies writing
Amanda McGuire Rzicznek, general studies writing
Frank Rzicznek, general studies writing
Michael Schulz, general studies writing
Kimberly Spallinger, English
Jennifer Warnke, English
Ann Westrick, general studies writing
Dr. Frederick Zackel, English
Kristen Brotzki, marketing
Donna Greenwald, marketing
Katharine Kontak, economics
Dr. Gene Poor, marketing
Brian Rohrs, accounting and management of information systems
Andrea Schneider, economics
Phillip Schurrer, accounting and management of information systems
Michael Slates, finance
Mearl Sutton, marketing
James Zeigler, accounting and management of information systems
Dr. Allison Goedde, teaching and learning
Darlene Kelley, teaching and learning
Dr. John Sorg, teaching and learning
Hossein Gharanfoli, applied sciences, BGSU Firelands

Updated: 07/13/2020 03:15PM