Rao lauded for career of distinguished BGSU service

BOWLING GREEN, O.—“Distinguished Service” has characterized Dr. Madhu Rao’s tenure at Bowling Green State University since he arrived as an assistant professor in the Department of Operations Research in 1982, according to those who nominated him for the Faculty Senate Distinguished Service Award.

Rao was presented the award, along with $1,000 and a reserved parking space for a year, at the annual Faculty Recognition Reception on March 29.

Now serving as interim dean of the College of Business Administration for the second time, Rao has consistently made a positive difference in the college. “His level of service has gone above and beyond in accreditation, the Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranking process and in academic programming,” said Dr. Janet Hartley, an associate professor of management.

Rao has also served as associate and senior associate dean of the college, from 2007-11.

“What I think most defines Madhu’s commitment to the University is that twice he was scheduled to take a faculty leave. Both times, he stayed, first because of changes occurring in the college in 2010-11, them this past summer when Dr. (Rodney) Rogers became interim provost and then provost. Madhu took on the role of dean in the latter case and has proven to be an effective leader,” wrote Dr. Mary Ellen Benedict, Distinguished Teaching Professor and chair of the economics department.

Earlier in his career, Rao became chair of what is now the Department of Applied Statistics and Operations Research, holding the position for eight years, during which he moved the department forward while fostering a climate of cooperation and accomplishment.

His faculty found him to be a model leader, department chair and University community member and, in 2006, successfully nominated him for the Faculty Senate Outstanding Department/Chair/School Director Award.

Rao is noted for being exceptionally hard working. “I cannot think of anyone who has done more for BGSU than Madhu Rao,” wrote Dr. John Hag, associate dean and a professor of economics. “But it is not just the quantity of what he does that is so impressive; it is the ease and courtesy with which he does it.”

“Dr. Rao exemplifies what makes BGSU great,” wrote Dr. Sue Mota, Distinguished Teaching Professor of legal studies.


(Posted March 30, 2012 )

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:57AM