"Counting Couples, Counting Families" 2011 Research Conference

Conference Presentations and Posters
NCFMR faculty, affiliates, and students and conference participants presented posters addressing the changing family experiences of today's children and adults at the Counting Couples, Counting Families research conference. This conference gathered researchers, federal data providers, and policy makers to discuss cutting-edge topics in family measurement, building on the foundation established by the previous Counting Couples conferences.
  • Sarah Burgoyne, NCFMR Graduate Research Assistant
    Couple Relationship Quality by Union Type - View Poster
  • Casey Copen, National Center for Health Statistics
    Marriage and Cohabitation in the United States: Using Data from the National Survey of Family Growth - View Poster
  • Cassandra Dorius, University of Michigan
    Multipartnered Fertility at Midlife - View Poster 
  • Rachel H. Farr, University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Observations of Coparenting among Adoptive Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Couples
     - View Poster
  • Paula Fomby and Joshua Goode, University of Colorado Denver
    Family Change Trajectories and Children's School Readiness in the United Kingdom - View Poster
  • Gary J. Gates and Michael D. Steinberger, University of California, Los Angeles
    Same-sex Unmarried Partner Couples in the American Community Survey: The role of misreporting, miscoding, and misallocation - View Poster
  • Larry Gibbs, NCFMR Graduate Research Assistant
    Divorce: The Nine Year Itch - View Poster
  • Daphne Hernandez, Pennsylvania State University 
    The Role of Family Structure Transitions on Young Adults' BMI: The Importance of Counting Cohabitation - View Poster
  • Kara Joyner, Grace Kao, and Kelly Balistreri, Bowling Green State University
    Current Sexual and Romantic Involvement among Young Adults by Race/Ethnicity and Gender - View Poster
  • Krista K. Payne, NCFMR Social Science Data Analyst
    Young Adult Residential Transitions by Highest Degree Earned - View Poster
  • Bart Stykes, NCFMR Graduate Research Assistant
    Age at First Birth by Educational Attainment and Gender - View Poster
  • Nicholas Zill, Consulting Psychologist, Columbia University
    How Many Teens Grow Up In Stable Married Families? - View Poster

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