Wendy D. Manning

Wendy D. Manning is the Dr. Howard E. and Penny Daum Aldrich Distinguished Professor the Department of Sociology at Bowling Green State University. She is a family demographer focusing on family formation, relationship dynamics and dissolution for same-gender and different-gender couples. Her research examines social relationships and the health and well-being of children, parents, and adults in the United States. She is the Co-Director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research and the founding director of the Center for Family and Demographic Research at BGSU. Dr. Manning was President of the Population Association of America in 2018 and has served as the Chair of the of American Sociological Association Population Section and Family Section.  Dr. Manning has contributed to several data collections including the Toledo Adolescent Relationship Study seven wave panel of data and National Couples’ Health and Time Use Study.  She has received federal funding for her research from the NIH, NSF, and NIJ.  Dr. Manning served as the lead researcher for the American Sociological Association’s Amicus Brief filed to the U.S. Supreme Court on Same-Sex Parent Families. She has published numerous journal articles in the leading sociology, demographic and family journals.

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