Heavy Metal Rules the World

Heavy Metal is more than black T-shirts and headbanging musicians. The rise of heavy metal around the world, especially in developing nations, correlates to social change and increased globalization. BGSU faculty explore this pervasive musical genre that embodies freedom and independence.

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Saving Lake Erie

Lake Erie, one of the world’s most precious natural resources and a critical component of Ohio’s economy, faces myriad threats, from algae blooms and dead zones to invasive plants and fish. BGSU faculty and students are working to understand the lake’s complexities in order to save it from irreparable harm.

A Force of Nature, a Life of Invention

Inventor, entrepreneur, businessman, leader, intellectual, change agent, musician — Dr. Douglas Neckers has exhibited a prodigious intellect, energy and output throughout his career.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:59PM