Reporting Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

The University has selected EthicsPoint, an independent provider of hotline services, to provide you with a simple and anonymous way to report your concerns. EthicsPoint is always available and offers multi-lingual translators. To submit a report online or via telephone, or to follow up on an existing report, please click here.

What is fraud, waste and abuse?

Fraud is the act of making false representations of material facts whether by words or conduct, by concealing information, or by making misleading statements in order to obtain some benefit or payment that would otherwise not exist. These acts may be committed either for the person’s own benefit, or for the benefit of some other party. Of course, these acts must have been committed knowingly, willfully and intentionally.

Waste is spending money or using resources on goods or services in excess of actual need. Waste does not necessarily produce a benefit for the individual, but is an act of poor management of funds.

Abuse consists of practices that cause unnecessary costs to the University. Abuse can be similar to fraud, except that it is not possible to prove that abuse was performed knowingly, willfully and intentionally.

What is the policy at BGSU concerning reporting fraud, waste and/or abuse?

It is the policy of Bowling Green State University to encourage its employees to report suspected misconduct and instances of fraud, waste, and/or abuse involving University resources. Internal Auditing will seriously consider each claim and pursue it to the extent that the information received allows, and based on the evidence that is available. It is also the policy of BGSU to allow reporting individuals to identify themselves or to remain anonymous when reporting suspected instances of fraud, waste, and/or abuse.

Updated: 01/18/2018 10:16AM