Corrective Action Process

The Corrective Action Process is the final step of the Audit Process at BGSU.  The Corrective Action Process, however, is used not only with internal audits but also with external audits as well as any other investigations that may warrant corrective action.

As findings are identified through the internal audit process, the Audit Team will discuss the findings with the BGSU staff involved in the process.  We’ll confirm with you that we understand both the data and the process, and that the facts of the finding are correct.

Throughout that process, we will work with you to identify an Action Champion, and we’ll provide you with a recommendation on how you might resolve the finding appropriately.  

Once the audit is published, the finding will be loaded into a Corrective Action Database, managed through the Internal Audit & Advisory Services Department.  The Internal Audit Office will be monitoring the findings through closure.  Quarterly meetings will be held with the Action Champions to communicate the status and provide updates for each open finding.  Detailed reports will be distributed 48 hours prior to each meeting.

Based on the issue’s classification, (see Understanding the Audit Report) the Audit Team will be more or less involved in the closure process.  Management Recommendations are closed immediately (as they are optional), while Major Findings require evidence of closure to be submitted and may require a sustainability period to ensure that the corrective action will be able to be maintained long-term.

The Corrective Action process is the key to an effective control environment, and the Audit Team will be active in helping you identify the right changes to make in order to improve your operational success.

To help guide you through the corrective action process, the audit team has developed several Corrective Action documents.

Any questions about the Corrective Action Process and/or submissions of Corrective Action Documents can be directed to the Corrective Action e-mail address

Updated: 01/18/2018 10:16AM