Chapter Housing

Chapter Housing

Greek Chapter Housing Guide

Returning student who would like to live in the Greek Townhouse of their fraternity or sorority, are required to complete the following steps between Nov. 28 - Feb. 20.

If you have a Housing Status of Not Guarenteed and want to live on campus in your Chapter house, you do NOT need to fill out the Request To Live On Campus Form.

Step 1 | Connect with your chapter

It is the responsibility of each fraternity and sorority to submit a roster to the Office of Student Housing of the members who will be living in the townhouses. Housing selection does not take place through the housing selection system.

  1. Find out which member of your fraternity/sorority has been selected to be your chapter housing representative.
  2. Let your chapter housing representative know you would like to live in the townhouse. They are responsible for coordinating your chapters housing assignments. You are eligible for living in your chapter's townhouse regardless of your housing status but it is up to your chapter to set the approval guidelines.
  3. If you are approved by your chapter to live in the townhouse, you will need to complete your Housing & Meal Plan Application and work with your chapter leadership to select your room in the Greek Townhouse. Our Housing Team will then hand-assign you to your room.

Step 2Complete your Housing & Meal Plan Application

You will have until Feb. 20 to complete your Housing & Meal Plan Application to guarantee your room in your Chapter's Townhouse. You can complete these items by logging into your Housing Portal and selecting "Apply for Housing" on the homepage.  

  • Accept the terms of the On-Campus Housing and Dining Agreement.
  • Make the $200 Initial Housing Payment.*
  • Submit your Health and Emergency Contact Information.
  • Complete the Lifestyle Questionnaire.
  • Select a meal plan.

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