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Are you looking for more information about campus resources? Do you need help for a class project or research paper? Are you questioning your identity or interested in finding out more information about the LGBTQ+ Community? 

For information that can't be found below, feel free to visit the LGBTQ+ Resource Center and staff members can be of more assistance. Please email Amanda Anastasia Paniagua if you have any further questions.

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Setting Your Chosen Name in MyBGSU and other technology infrastructure

Effective beginning October 18, 2021, the first phase of the Chosen Name policy changes began implementation.  We acknowledge that this is a major multi-system project and the technical upgrades and implementation will require at least two phases and will likely identify unanticipated infrastructure issues as the project progresses.  Please pay particular attention to the locations and communications which will now pull chosen, rather than legal name as you make your decision as to whether designating a chosen name is the best choice for you at this time.  Currently, chosen names will appear in the following locations and communications:

  • Emails
  • Class rosters and grade rosters
  • Residence Life communications
  • BG1 cards (if a person purchases a new card, legal name will still be displayed on the back)
  • Dining Services
  • Student Recreation Center
  • Navigate app
  • University mail sent to your campus or permanent address

Additional systems will be added as part of a second phase of system updates.


Log in to the MyBGSU portal.
Select Student Center.
Select Profile.
From the Personal Details screen, select the plus sign (+) under Names.
If you already have a Chosen Name, you can edit the name by selecting the Chosen Name row.
Select Chosen from the Type drop-down menu. 
Enter your Chosen Name as you would like it to appear. 
Select Save.
Once you have created your Chosen Name, the change should update throughout the systems within 24 hours. 
If you need financial support in order to reprint your BG1 card with your chosen name (legal name will still be displayed on the back of the card), please complete this form.
  • The Rainbow Fund has some availability to assist LGBTQ+ students with financial needs, including BG1 card replacement  depending on fund availability.  Because this funding is reliant on donations and grant or other funding, we cannot fund all possible needs and are limited in the amount we can offer individual students.  If you would like to support our students by making a donation to this important fund, we thank you - please make your donation here.


Log in to the MyBGSU portal.
Select the Employee tab from the top navigation menu.
Select Update Personal Information from the left navigation menu.
On the next screen, select the Names tab.
If you already have a Chosen Name, you can edit the name by selecting edit.
 Select Add New Name.
For Name Type, select Chosen.
Enter your Chosen Name as you would like it to appear.
Select a date in the Date new name will take effect field.
Select Save.
Once you have created your Chosen Name, the change should update throughout the systems within 24 hours.

Chosen Name and Personal Pronoun Information

  • Some members of our BGSU community may use chosen names, which are names other than their legal names.  Often, chosen names more accurately reflect a person's identity.
  • Your appropriate use of a person's chosen name aligns with BGSU's aim to cultivate an environment where all members of our community are affirmed and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Use chosen names wherever possible (e.g., conversation, email).  Sometimes, someone might ask that you use their chosen name only in specific settings - be sure to honor that.
  • Similarly, your appropriate use of someone's personal pronouns aligns with BGSU's inclusion and belonging efforts.
  • If you make a mistake, correct your mistake as quickly as possible.
  • Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to our staff and/or participate in one of our upcoming Safe Zone trainings. 

Online Resources and Websites

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