Information and Resources

Are you looking for more information about campus resources? Do you need help for a class project or research paper? Are you questioning your identity or interested in finding out more information about the LGBTQ+ Community? 

For information that can't be found below, feel free to visit the LGBTQ+ Resource Center and staff members can be of more assistance. Please email Shevonne Nelson Dillingham if you have any further questions.

Campus Resources and Information

  • All Gender Housing on campus
  • All Gender Restrooms on campus
  • LGBTQ+ Resource Center Library Books (contact the LGBTQ+ Resource Center to learn about new books and resources and how to access them)
  • Adding a Chosen Name in MyBGSU: Click on Update Personal Info. Click on Names. Click on Add a New Name. Designate name type. Designate the date the new name will take effect. Click Save. This name will then be pulled into the Student Center and Class Rosters as well as your Outlook Email Display Name and some university communications, once designated.  This will not override the legal name in the system.  
  • Adding a Chosen Name in Canvas: Click on Account. Click on Settings.  Click on Edit Settings. Change Display Name.  You can also designate personal pronouns in canvas settings.
  • Changing Your Display Name in WebEX: Go to, sign in, click on your name in the top right and go to My Profile. Click Edit Profile and change your name.  Some people like to add their pronouns after their name as well.
  • Coming Soon: Using Your Chosen Name within Specific University Systems and Processes (e.g., BG1Card, class rosters, diploma): Students wishing to enter a chosen name will do so with the Registrar. Faculty and staff wishing to enter a chosen name will do so with Human Resources. Chosen names may not be used for the purpose of fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation of another's identity, or to avoid a legal obligation. Contact Dr. Katie Stygles if you have any issues setting or using your chosen name.
  • Change of Personal Identification Data through the BGSU Registrar's Office.
  • BGSU's Queer/Trans Student Union on Facebook
  • Check out the LGBTQIA+ career preparation resources through the Career Center's Big Interview LGBTQIA+ Playbook!

Chosen Name and Personal Pronoun Information

  • Some members of our BGSU community may use chosen names, which are names other than their legal names.  Often, chosen names more accurately reflect a person's identity.
  • Your appropriate use of a person's chosen name aligns with BGSU's aim to cultivate an environment where all members of our community are affirmed and feel a sense of belonging.
  • Use chosen names wherever possible (e.g., conversation, email).  Sometimes, someone might ask that you use their chosen name only in specific settings - be sure to honor that.
  • Similarly, your appropriate use of someone's personal pronouns aligns with BGSU's inclusion and belonging efforts.
  • If you make a mistake, correct your mistake as quickly as possible.
  • Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to our staff and/or participate in one of our upcoming Safe Zone trainings. 

Online Resources and Websites