Emergency Information

An emergency might involve a situation in which you are concerned about the immediate safety and well-being of yourself or of someone else. Thoughts and plans to harm yourself or someone else is an emergency. If you have been assaulted, physically or sexually, that is an emergency.

During the hours that the Counseling Center is open:

Call our office at 419-372-2081 and ask to see a counselor that day.

After office hours you should contact:

  • Wood County Crisis Line, 419-502-4673. Crisis Intervention Center, 24-hour Crisis Hotline, Information and Referral
  • Victims Advocate for sexual assault, 419-373-1730
  • Immediate attention for physical crisis; seek attention at the Emergency Room at the Wood County Hospital, 950 W. Wooster, 419-354-8910
  • Campus police, 419-372-2346 or 911.
  • Bowling Green City Police, 419-352-2571, 911 (off campus), 175 W. Wooster
  • On campus, contact your Hall Staff
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline