Training Philosophy

The BGSU Counseling Center APA-accredited internship prepares trainees as strong generalists in the practice of psychology. The training is agency-based with opportunities to gain experience in counseling center functions such as individual, relationship, and group counseling/psychotherapy; consultation; outreach; supervision and training; and crisis intervention.  There may be opportunities to gain specialized experience with certain clinical topics based on counseling center, campus, and community needs and intern availability and energy. 

The aim of our training is to prepare doctoral interns in clinical or counseling psychology to become entry-level Psychologists through participation in a year-long counseling center internship program

Consistent with the vision of the University, we adhere to a practitioner-scholar model. We believe that professionals in training learn best by practicing their skills in an environment that is both supportive and challenging. All members of staff are expected to provide services which are grounded in scientific and ethical principles. Interns are considered to be colleagues who actively and cooperatively participate in full staff professional development programming as well as in structured and sequenced training seminars.

The Counseling Center doctoral internship training program incorporates the core values of Bowling Green State University as follows:

Diversity.  We value diversity and provide a warm space to honor individuals’ multicultural identities.  Diversity is a vital component to our training and we actively interweave multicultural considerations throughout the internship experience.  Providing an affirming space to openly discuss diversity issues is an integral way that we celebrate differences within the counseling center and the university as a whole. We also value social justice and empower interns to combat oppression and advocate for change. 

Respect for One Another.  We respect one another and foster diversity and a culture of inclusion. The Counseling Center and the Division of Health & Wellness are inclusive and embrace differences related to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, size, social class, language and culture. We are guided by the principle that celebrating diversity enriches and empowers the lives of all people.

Collaboration.  We collaborate with each other and our community partners in the region, the state of Ohio, the nation, and the world. The professional staff and trainees of the Counseling Center work cooperatively to fulfill the mission and functions of the Center. Interns and the Training Committee will coordinate a learning experience that balances individual interests with experiences that encourage risk-taking and growth. Collaborative programming with other units throughout the University is encouraged.

Intellectual and Personal Growth. We promote intellectual and personal growth through curricular and co-curricular efforts. Through the support and challenge of new experiences, formal and informal intellectual discourse, and supervision, interns and all staff continue to develop intellectually and ethically. It is a goal of our training program and our Center to be “good citizens” of the profession of psychology. That is, staff and doctoral interns are expected to abide by the relevant ethical guidelines, applicable state laws, current research and other professional standards.

Creativity and Innovation. We foster an environment of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurism. Interns are encouraged to be creative as they practice the art and science of therapy as well as in research and other professional activities. We welcome and appreciate the creative contributions and feedback that interns may offer. We view the internship experiences as a mutually growth-enhancing experience for all staff.

Pursuit of Excellence. We expect excellence in all we do. Our goal is that interns have ongoing experiences with success as well as completing a year of training resulting in:

  • Professional and ethical excellence
  • An increased appreciation for human differences and multicultural competency
  • The ability to function independently as a psychologist

Updated: 04/22/2024 03:53PM