Program Competencies

The six goals of the internship training program in the practice of professional psychology include Clinical Competence, Provision of Clinical Supervision, Community Intervention and Consultation, Multicultural Competence, Ethics and Law, and Professional Identity.

  1. The Clinical Competence goal focuses on interns’ development of competencies in individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, and clinical assessment and competence in using supervision and other available resources toward growth in clinical competence, professional identity, and professional autonomy.
  2. The Provision of Supervision goal focuses on interns’ development of competence in the provision of clinical supervision.
  3. The Community Intervention and Consultation goal focuses on interns’ development of competencies in the provision of community intervention and consultation services to members of the University community and other service providers.
  4. The Multicultural Competence goal focuses on interns’ developing sensitivity to, knowledge about, and clinical skills to practice effectively within a multicultural framework.
  5. The Ethics and Law goal focuses on interns’ acquisition of a working knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the ethics and laws affecting the practice of psychology; and application of these in their clinical work, research, consultations, and relationships with colleagues.
  6. The Professional Identity goal focuses on each intern’s development of an identity as a psychologist who engages in reflective professional practice and ongoing learning.
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