Outdoor Spaces

University Lawn

In one of the most historic corners of campus lies University Hall and the stretching green expanse of its front lawn.

With plenty of room for outdoor activities, University Lawn is tucked away just enough to provide a quiet atmosphere - perfect for special ceremonies and events.

The lawn is a short walking distance from the Bowen-Thompson Student Union and within reach of Founders residence hall.

Wolfe Center Terrace

Running overtop the back of the Wolfe Center for the Arts and spilling outward is the Wolfe Center Terrace, a large lawn that is optimal for outdoor activities.

Situated in the arts and music area of campus, this venue would be great to use for performance receptions or arts / music camp outdoor bonding.

Within reach of the Wolfe Center for the Arts, the Fine Arts Center, the Moore Musical Arts Center, and both Harshman and Kreischer residence halls, the Wolfe Center Terrace is an ideal location.


Intramural Fields

Positioned in the athletic portion of campus, the Intramural Fields are host to a number of different athletic activities - like soccer, cross-country, ultimate frisbee, and quidditch.

The fields run far and wide, convenient for large teams of people and massive athletic events. The size of the venue leads to a number of available event opportunities.

The Intramural Fields are located near the Perry Doyt Football Stadium, the Stroh Center, the Ice Hockey Arena, and the Harshman and Kreischer residence halls.

Updated: 07/06/2022 09:13AM