Policies & Procedures

University Facility Usage Policies & Procedures

All BGSU Departments, Registered Student Organizations, and Campus Guests (the “Contractor/Requestor) hosting an event on University grounds and facilities, hereby agree to the following;

Additional Documentation
Should the University require any additional documentation, such as a liability release for each Participant attending an event, the Contractor/Requestor agrees to obtain and submit all forms requested prior to the start of an event.  

Additional Resources
If the Contractor/Requestor requires additional University resources and facilities to accommodate attendees in excess of those detailed in an authorized University agreement or confirmation, the University will make every effort to accommodate the request, however, additional charges may apply.   

Catering, Dining and Concessions

  1. The Contractor/Requestor agrees to follow the University Food Service Policy (3341-6-46) posted at the General Counsel’s website outlining the parameters for providing food at meetings or events on University grounds.
  2. Catered meals are available for groups and arrangements must be made in advance. Please refer to the BGSU Catering Guide, and then contact the Catering Sales office for more information 419-372-6952.
  3. The University will manage all catering, dining, and concessions of any food and beverage (including alcohol) served at an event on the University campus, and shall retain 100% of proceeds from these services.
  4. Special dietary needs must be provided no less than 7 days before the first day of the Event to ensure accommodations. Please provide a list of each participant’s name and his/her specific dietary restriction(s).
  5. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are the only groups permitted to submit a Food Donation Request in support of RSO events, fundraisers, and/or other philanthropic activities. RSO’s should review the full list of approved items before asking any food service provider for a donation.
  6. Changes to food and beverage selections made less than seven (7) days before an Event will not be permitted without further authorization, which may result in additional fees.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Contractor/Requestor to keep the University informed concerning the number of participants who plan to eat in University facilities, so that adequate food preparation can be arranged for each meal. No credit will be made for meals missed by the Contractor/Requestor, its guests and/or participants.
  8. The Contractor/Requestor must maintain an active roster (when applicable) of who has been assigned meal cards for access to an All-You-Care-to-Eat (AYCTE) facility(s), and/or who has been provided a Declining/Inclining meal card for use at on-campus retail food service locations.   
  9. Every effort will be made to begin AYCTE meal services within the requested times. If adjustments need to be made, the Contractor/Requestor will be notified. The beginning access time for each meal period in an AYCTE facility will be confirmed at least one week prior to an event start date. 
  10. All University Dining facilities also accept cash and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and AMEX).

Commercial Sales
Commercial sales of products sold in conjunction with an event will be restricted to those items not routinely available for sale through University sources. All business vendors selling merchandise on campus and/or processing sales for direct shipment must receive written authorization from the University.

The Contractor/Requestor acknowledges that BGSU is a public institution and instrumentality of the state of Ohio, and as such is subject to the Ohio Public Records Act concerning the production of public records. Any provision concerning confidentiality is limited to the extent necessary to comply with the provisions of Ohio law.

Conflict of Interest
All University agreements are subject to the BGSU Code of Ethics and may be canceled if any person significantly involved in initiating, negotiating, securing, drafting or creating of an agreement on behalf of the University is, at any time while the agreement or any extension thereof is in effect, an employee or agent of the other party to the agreement in any capacity or a consultant to any other party with respect to the subject matter of the agreement.

Contractor/Requestor is responsible for payment of any damages caused by them, their employees, agents, and/or any participants attending their event, beyond customary wear and tear. A detailed list of damages will be provided upon request. If the Contractor/Requestor asks for a walkthrough of facilities to assess damages, this request will be honored.  

Event Records
Contractor/Requestor agrees to retain all records relating to their event. Contractor/Requestor agrees to make those records available at all reasonable times for inspection and audit by the University or the Auditor of the State of Ohio for a period of five (5) years after the event. The records shall be provided as designated by the University upon reasonable notice to Contractor/Requestor.

Parking Arrangements & Shuttle Services
Parking arrangements must be made and approved at least 7 days prior to an event. Some parking lots and/or facilities may be offline to support other events in the immediate area. The parking passes provided to Contractor/Requestor, if any, shall not be valid for use by any University students, employees or faculty. No shuttle services shall be provided for an event unless otherwise contracted and paid for separately and in full by the Contractor/Requestor, subject to approval by the University.

Police Services & Security
The University is not obligated to provide any security with respect to an event beyond the security it would normally maintain for the University campus, however, an event that requires armed and/or uniformed Police or Security officers must be managed and assigned by the University Police Department. These services will be discussed with the Contractor/Requestor prior to an event, with all security and/or police services assigned to an event to be paid for in full by the Contractor/Requestor.

Property Removal
Items/personal property must be removed at the conclusion of an event, or the University may remove and store them at the owner’s expense. The University shall not be liable to anyone for any loss or damage as a result of such action. After 30 days, any items left unclaimed will be disposed of or donated.  

Programs and Activities with Minor Participants
For programs with minor participants, the Contractor/Requestor shall ensure compliance with BGSU’s Programs and Activities with Minor Participants Policy. Evidence of such may be requested as fulfillment of this Agreement.

Rules and Regulations (University-Wide)
Contractor/Requestor agrees that they shall comply with (i) all University Rules & Regulations relating to the security and safety of University’s campus; and (ii) all applicable federal and state laws, rules, regulations, orders and policies. Without limiting the breadth of the foregoing, Contractor/Requestor expressly shall not:

  1. Permit anyone 7 years of age and younger into any University facility, or anywhere on campus, without the constant and direct supervision of an adult at all times, as determined and assigned by the Contractor/Requestor;
  2. Permit any animals into any University Facility(s), or anywhere on campus, except for licensed guide/medical dogs (animals);
  3. Permit any open flames (candles, lighters, etc.) or smoking anywhere on campus except under approved conditions with written authority in approved event locations (smoking in approved outdoor locations) only;
  4. Permit any odor, spitting, use of abusive and/or profane language, noise, or sound which may make or cause a disturbance, or interfere in any way with others having business at the University;
  5. Affix any devices or materials to any interior or exterior portion of the Premises or decorate using helium tanks, glitter, “icicles” or any similar materials in a University Facility(s);
  6. Use or operate any machinery that, in University’s discretion, is harmful to Premises or disturbing to others;
  7. Obstruct any sidewalks, halls, passageways, elevators, stairways or other common areas in or around the Premises, or use the same for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from the Premises;
  8. Use electricity in the Premises in excess of the capacity of any of the electrical apparatus in or service to the Premises, or add to or alter the electrical systems serving the Premises; or
  9. Use or occupy the Premises in violation of any regulation or permit, or of the statement or certificate of occupancy issued for the Premises, or violate any statute, ordinance, or requirement of any public authority.

Submission of Agenda
To ensure a well-organized event, a final written agenda or program should be submitted to the University no later than seven (7) days prior to the start date of an event.

Weapons, Explosive Devices and Fireworks
Contractor/Requestor shall not permit the use, possession, display or storage of any weapon, explosive device or fireworks on all land and buildings owned, leased, or under the control of the University or its affiliated or related entities, in all University residential facilities (whether managed by University or another entity), in all University vehicles, and at all University or University affiliate sponsored events and activities. 

Updated: 12/01/2017 10:17PM