Risk Reduction and Prevention

Bowling Green State University recognizes the need for healthy and successful relationships. Prevention of sexual assault starts with those who are committing the offenses and then is supplemented by the use of methods to reduce the risk of an assault. All students can play a role in combating sexual assault by holding perpetrators accountable, supporting the rights and choices of those who have been assaulted and making full use of campus resources to educate themselves on this serious, yet preventable problem.

Although the responsibility of prevention truly lies with those who are initiating sexual acts, there are things that individuals can know and do that can help reduce the risk of sexual assault. These are not guarantees of safety, but personal rights and best practices for a safer environment at BGSU:

You have the right to your own values, attitudes and beliefs about sexual behavior and relationships in general. Therefore you have the right to determine the type of interactions and activities you feel comfortable with and to end those activities at any time.

While there is no perfect profile of someone who will be sexually violent, there are some warning signs.

  • Domineering, overly controlling actions
  • A tendency to disregard your feelings and desires
  • The expression of hostility or dominance toward potential partners
  • The belief that certain actions entitle one to sex
  • Intrusion into your personal space
  • Touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable

You have the right to deny alcohol at any time. Alcohol not only impairs your judgment; many recognize alcohol as a frequently used and highly effective rape facilitating drug. No one is EVER entitled to sex. You are not obligated to perform sexual acts as payment, as a favor, or in order to be a "real man" or a "good woman."

You have the right to say no at any time for any reason. When you feel that your personal rights are being threatened, you have every right to take a stand and let the offending party know that what she/he is doing is unwelcome.

Going to larger parties with people you trust may help to avoid dangerous situations. Inviting another couple to go with you is another great way of ensuring that there will be others around in case of an emergency.

Having your own transportation gives you a degree of power to leave a situation, if you see the need to.

Instead of walking alone, walk with friends or call the Campus Escort Service at 419-372-8360.

While using social media such as Facebook or Twitter, be mindful of the type of information you provide, including your address or phone number, and whether you are at home or away.

Updated: 01/25/2022 02:54PM