Please tell us about your experience in Spain!



"It was a once in a lifetime experience."
--Undergraduate "Cluster Student" (Beginning & Intermediate Spanish), Summer 2015 AYA Spain

"I absolutely loved Susana and Magda! They will hold a place in my heart forever!"
--Undergraduate Student, Summer 2015 AYA Spain

"I am really excited that I decided to come to Spain! I enjoyed myself and had so much fun. I hope to continue working on my Spanish so I can be fluent! Me encanta España!"
--Undergraduate "Cluster Student" (Beginning & Intermediate Spanish), Summer 2015 AYA Spain

"I fully believe that my time abroad was an integral time in my life. It taught me independence, how to adapt in situations outside of my comfort zone, and of course it developed my language skills, which have been infinitely helpful to me. I am now working as a legal assistant at an immigration law firm where I am daily interacting with Spanish-speakers. I am forever grateful for my time in the AYA program and the wonderful people that are a part of it."
-- Katey Y., Legal Assistant

"My study abroad experience left me with one of the best friends I could have ever asked for. It also gave me amazing life experiences that I still talk about in my classroom today and my students love the stories. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I would recommend it to anyone considering studying abroad. Magda, Susana and my host mom Alicia made my experience so warm and welcoming as well. They are the best and I will forever be grateful for them!"
-- Manola A., Middle School Spanish Teacher


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