Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

Theatre Major, Bachelor of Arts (39 hours), plus a required minor

This degree is well-suited to students with a wide variety of interests in theatre. In addition to required and elective courses in theatre, it includes 62 hours of coursework outside of the department to fulfill the General Education requirements. This degree allows students to take 12 hours of upper-level electives in theatre. Students interested in specific areas of study (such as acting, design, or theatre history) have the flexibility in this degree program to incorporate more specialized upper-level theatre courses directly into their degree requirements through these elective courses. Students are required to take a minor in a different area of study at BGSU.

Additionally, this degree allows the direct inclusion of internships with outside theatre companies.

Degree Requirements:

Production Practicum  Acting or Tech (6 semesters)
Major Event Participation (two semesters)

Choose two from :

  • Scenery Construction
  • Costume Construction
  • Lighting and Sound

Must take all of these courses

  • Script Analysis
  • Performance Studies I
  • Acting: Principles
  • Directing
  • Theatre History & Literature: Origins-1700s
  • Theatre History & Literature: 1700s-Present
  •  Senior Seminar
  • Plus 9 hours of 3000/4000 level electives in the Department of Theatre & Film.

Minor Required (choose any BGSU Minor other than Theatre)