Theatre Minors

The Theatre Minor requires a total of 23 credit hours (11 core hours and 12 hours of electives).

Choose one from:

Scenery, Props and Painting (THFM 1470)
Basic Costume Construction (THFM 1480)
Lighting and Sound (THFM 1490)
Drafting and Drawing (THFM 1500)
Choose one from:

Theatre History & Literature: Origins-1700s (THFM 3470))
Theatre History & Literature:1700's-Present (THFM 3480)
Must take all of these courses:

Play Script Analysis (THFM 1910)
Acting: Principles (THFM 2410)
Plus 12 hours of 3000/4000 level electives in the Department of Theatre & Film. 

Minor only (minimum 24 credits)

The minor in Arts Management emphasizes entrepreneurial skills focusing on innovation, risk taking, and communication. Students are encouraged to channel their creative energies toward the development of successful business ventures. Courses are taught with a focus on experiential learning using real-world examples and national industry resources from both for-profit and not-for-profit models suitable for all art forms. Skills developed in this minor will equip students to work for established organizations, start their own businesses, or manage themselves as independent artists.

The minor is available to students enrolled in any major across campus. Housed in the Department of Theatre and Film, the minor was developed with support from the Schmidthorst College of Business Entrepreneurial Program and integrates core business classes from its curriculum.

Required Courses

THFM 2750 (3)
THFM 3750 (3)
MIS 2000 or VCT 1030 (3)
THFM 2400 (3)
ACCT 2000 or ACCT 2210 (3)
BA 2040 (3)
RTD 3150 or JOUR 3410 (3)
Electives (choose at least one)

RTD 3250 (3)
MKT 3000 (3)
BA 3040 (3)
MGMT 3040 (3)
ECON 2000 (3)
ECON 2020 (3)
THFM 4890 or ART 4890 (3) 

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