Bachelor of Arts in Communication Specializing in Musical Theatre


ALL students must submit an audition reservation form.
On the audition form, please be sure to designate the date you wish to audition (December 2nd, January 21th or April 15th), or indicate that you will be submitting a recorded audition.

You may choose to do a video audition, and due to how much COVID restrictions vary, we are allowing even those within a 250 mile radius to submit a recorded audition, if they so choose.  Video auditions must be submitted through which can be accessed via the reservation form link below.

Audition Requirements for BAC in Theatre with a Musical Theatre Specialization (MTS) Auditions:

Auditions for the Eva Marie Saint Scholarship (specifically for incoming freshmen) will be in February.

Applications are due to the Department of Theatre and Film by January 31st, 2022, and can be found at:

Call (419) 372-2222 for more information.

Audition Requirements:

Voice — Select two contrasting songs, one from each of the following categories:

Musical theatre repertoire

Classical art song: This can be folk song or a spiritual arranged by Copland, Niles, Quilter, or composers like them. If you have an art song in a foreign language in your repertoire, one that shows you off to your best advantage, this is also acceptable. If your school participates in Solo & Ensemble contest, any of that sort of vocal literature is fine. If you still have questions, feel free to call Dr. Stephenson.

For women, it would be best to sing in both registers if possible; for instance, if your musical theatre song is in your chest voice, we would want to hear your art song in your head voice.

While you should be prepared with a whole number, please be aware that we may ask you to sing your best 32 bars. We may stop you part way through one selection or we might only need to hear one number. We might work with you. Any of those occurrences is not a reflection on your abilities, but simply our attempt to use our time (and yours) as fruitfully as we can. Remember in any audition there is no such thing as “waiting to get to the good part.” How do you, in each audition, grab attention and hold it?

You may bring your own accompanist if you like, but you must sing with live music. If you need an accompanist, check the appropriate box on the Audition Reservation Form and email a pdf of your audition pieces to Dr. Stephenson at Please be sure your sheet music has your name on it, is clearly marked for cuts if needed, and in the appropriate key for your voice! (Please note: If you are using our accompanist (who is very good and can read most anything, there is a $10 fee payable in cash to the accompanist on the day of your audition)

Acting — Select two contrasting monologues from plays.

Monologues need to be no more than a total of 3 minutes in length. You must read the plays that the monologues come from. This portion of the audition is structured like a small acting class. You may be asked to do a part of a selection a different way. Be prepared to “think on your feet.”

Dance — Short ballet, jazz and tap combinations will be taught.

The dance audition will be structured like a class. Bring whatever kind of dance shoes you have – ballet, jazz or tap – and if you have a dance specialty, come prepared to “show that off” as well.

You must submit a digital audition through along with sending digital links to Youtube postings of your work. Be sure the above criteria are met for Voice and Acting and include a sample of dance from performance, rehearsal or in a studio. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call.

All applications must be received two weeks before the actual audition date.  

Submit Your Musical Theatre Audition Reservation Form

Musical Theater Specialization overview video

This degree is well-suited for theatre students who already have a more defined career focus. The course of study is intensive and provides a strong foundation in a specialized area of theatre. The BAC in Theatre with a Specialization in Musical Theatre degree is a rigorous training program that combines coursework in theatre, dance and music to provide the strongest foundation possible for musical theatre performers.

This degree includes 70 hours of coursework outside of the department, as well as a core theatre curriculum and a specialized course of study. Instead of a minor, each BAC major must fulfill a support field requirement. For the Musical Theatre Specialization, this support field requirement will be met by prescribed coursework in Music and Dance.

Admission to this degree is by audition only. You can click on the links to access the audition requirements and the online audition reservation form.

All BAC in Theatre students, regardless of their specialization, must take the following core courses:

  • Production Practicum Acting or Tech  (six hours)
  • Script Analysis
  • Theatre History & Literature: Origins-1700s
  • Theatre History & Literature: 1700s-Present
  • Period, Style & Form
  • Theatre Studies in Practice I and II
  • Senior Portfolio Review for Theater

Musical Theatre Specialization:

  • Acting: Principles
  • Musical Theatre History
  • Acting: Songs & Arias
  • Support Field I – Music
    • Aural Skills and Theory for Musical Theatre I
    • Aural Skills and Theory for Musical Theatre II
    • Group Piano (Students may test out).
    • 7 hours of MUSP 2720 Applied Voice, MUSP 2730 Musical Theatre Group Voice or MUSP 4720 Applied voice.
  • Support Field II – Dance (Choose 12 hours from the following list.)     
    • DANC 1070 Jazz Technique and Theory I
    • DANC 1100 Tap Dance I
    • DANC 1150 and DANC 2150  Modern Dance Technique and Theory I & II
    • DANC 1200 and DANC 2200 Ballet Technique and Theory I & II
    • DANC 1020 Ballroom Dancing I
    • DANC 2070 Jazz Dance and Pop Forms 
    • DANC 3160 Modern Dance Technique and Theory III
    • DANC 3950 Tap Dance II


BGSU’s Department of Theatre and Film is excited to be a part of the audition prescreening network. At prospective students can post audition videos and submit them for prescreening to universities for a nominal fee. While BGSU does not require you to go through the prescreening process, we do strongly encourage you to take a look at it and see if it looks right for you. We believe it has the potential to save prospective students and their families a lot of time and trouble, especially for those students who either live a great distance from BGSU and/or hope to apply at a number of schools. IMPORTANT: If you live more than 250 miles away and choose to submit recorded audition materials, you must submit those materials through PLEASE NOTE: Currently, all auditions are currently in person, but are subject to change due to current circumstances. ALL applicants MUST apply through

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