Program Information

FIAD Courses:  Please click here for the complete list of program requirements.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration will:

  • Display critical professional and personal skills;
  • Demonstrate strong problem solving and creative thinking skills;
  • Be able to lead strategic planning efforts and manage organizational change with a demonstrated understanding of its impact on budgets and human resources;
  • Recognize ethical issues in a variety of settings, examine different perspectives and consider the ramifications of alternative actions;
  • Be able to interpret the scope of the authority and responsibility of all levels of administration and interact appropriately within the organization and external community; and
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained through professional experience and education.

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration degree, students transfer credits from regionally accredited colleges and universities and approved certifications and then complete the major courses and remaining general education requirements. 

BGSU offers you the unique option of following a cohort-based model for the core FIAD classes. Cohort learning gives online students a chance to network with peers, exchange ideas, and support each other’s progress. You can begin and complete with a team of your peers, but the program is flexible enough to allow you to take classes at a pace that works for you.

The platform for all online classes is Canvas™. All FIAD classes are designed using the Quality Matters™ matrix to ensure that your valuable time is spent on learning, not searching for information within each course shell.

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