Marco Nardone


Associate Professor

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Office: 169 Overman Hall
voice: 419-372-9644
FAX: 419-372-9938


  • Ph.D. - University of Toledo, USA


  • Theoretical Physics: solid state electronic devices: photovoltaics, charge transport, defects


Our group works on elucidating the mechanisms of charge transport and phase transition phenomena in various types of materials and systems.  Current research focuses on the development and application of analytical and computational modeling tools to better understand the performance and reliability challenges of photovoltaic devices (solar cells).  We are working toward establishing a comprehensive and unified platform for the simulation of all types of solar cells and other sustainable energy devices starting from fundamental physical principles.  Electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, statistical physics, heat transfer, solid state physics, and optics are considered in our projects as we develop the theoretical framework for models from the mesoscopic to macroscopic spatial scales.  Computational tools include COMSOL Multiphysics®, Mathematica®, and MATLAB®.

With support from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Department of Energy, private corporations, and other academic institutions our research aims to make renewable energy systems affordable and reliable.

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Representative publications

  • Nardone, M. (2016). All-back-Schottky-contact thin-film photovoltaics. Journal of Applied Physics119(8), 084501.
  • Nardone, M., & Albin, D. S. (2015). Degradation of CdTe Solar Cells: Simulation and Experiment. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics5(3), 962-967.
  • Nardone, M., Simon, M., Karpov, I. V., & Karpov, V. G. (2012). Electrical conduction in chalcogenide glasses of phase change memory. Journal of Applied Physics112(7), 071101.
  • Nardone, M., & Karpov, V. G. (2012). A phenomenological theory of nonphotochemical laser induced nucleation. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics14(39), 13601-13611.
  • Nardone, M. K. V. K. I., Kozub, V. I., Karpov, I. V., & Karpov, V. G. (2009). Possible mechanisms for 1/f noise in chalcogenide glasses: A theoretical description. Physical Review B79(16), 165206.

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