Andrew C. Layden



Chair, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

Office: 104C Overman
voice: 419-372-8653
FAX: 419-372-9938


  • B.A. - Wesleyan University
  • Ph.D. - Yale University  


  • Astrophysics
    • Photometry of variable stars in old stellar populations: RR Lyrae, Long-period variables, Cepheids
    • Spectroscopy of RR Lyrae variables: chemical abundances and kinematics
    • Determination of basic properties of RR Lyrae variables: absolute magnitudes and intrinsic colors

Selected Publications:

Layden, A., Tiede, G.P., Chaboyer, B., Bunner, C., & Smitka, M., Astronomical Journal in press, "Infrared KS-band Photometry of Field RR Lyrae Variable Stars"

Osborn, W., Kopacki, G., Smith, H., Layden, A., Pritzl, B., Keuhn, C., & Anderson, M., 2019, Acta Astronomica in press, "Variable Stars in M13. III. The Cepheid Variables and their Relation to Evolutionary Changes in Metal-poor BL Her Stars"

Osborn, W., Layden, A., Kopacki, G., Smith, H., Anderson, M., Kelley, A., McBride, K., & Pritzl, B., 2017, Acta Astronomica, 67, 131-158, "Variable Stars in M13. II. The Red Variables and the Globular Cluster Period-Luminosity Relation"

Abbas, M., Layden, A., Guldenschuh, K., Reichart, D. Ivarsen, K. Haislip, J., Nysewander, M., LaCluyze, A. & Welch, D. 2015, AJ, 149, 40-49, "Variable Stars in Metal-Rich Globular Clusters. IV. Long Period Variables in NGC 6496"

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