• What the Kremlin Wants
    Andrei Illarionov discusses Russia's political and economic interests and how they impact the United States

  • Democracy and Political Ignorance
    Law professor Ilya Somin discusses the problem political ignorance poses for democracy, and how to solve it

  • The Ethics of Policing and Prisons
    March 11-12 the Department of Philosophy will host its Sixth Annual Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy. Registration is required, but is free at the Workshop website.

  • Should Economics Guide Policy?
    Dan Hausman explores the relationship between economics and public policy. Join us February 26 at 4:00pm in Olscamp Hall 115

  • Immigration Controversies: Migrants, Refugees, and Open Borders
    Joseph Carens, author of The Ethics of Immigration, will discuss current immigration controversies. Join us February 16th

  • When Robots Rule the Earth
    Robin Hanson, author of The Age of Em, presents a vision of the future where every aspect of our lives will be influenced by the spread of robots. Free and open to the public, join us April 26th!