Brain Awareness Lectures: 2004

Public seminars focusing on research into causes and treatment of Neurological Disorder

Friday, 19 March 2004, 7:00pm
Bowen-Thompson Student Union Theatre

Unraveling the Mysteries and Delivering the Cures:
"Developmental Disorders"

The human brain is the most remarkable structure in the biological universe. It regulates body functions and is responsible for our thoughts and emotions. Brain and nervous system disorders, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, epilepsy, Autism, addiction and depression, unfortunately afflict millions of people. Neuroscience is providing solutions to these serious problems.

"Communicative Development in Autism: research to Practice"

Lynne Hewitt , Ph.D.
Communication Disorders, BGSU

"The Psychobiology of Social Affiliation: Animal Models of Autism"

Jaak Panksepp, Ph.D.
Psychology, BGSU and Falk Center for Molecular Therapeutics, Northwestern University

"An Update on Neurobiological Findings and Treatments: Implications for Autism Spectrum Disorder"

Luke Tsai , M.D.
Psychiatry and Pediatrics, Director of Developmental Disorders Clinic, University of Michigan, School of Medicine Bob Conner Memorial Lecture March 19, 2004 at 4pm in Psychology, Room 108: Ken Davis (Director, Pegasus International, Greensboro, N.C.) "The affective neuroscience personality scales: Evaluating human emotional personality dimensions"

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