Communication Students Designing Health-Related Campaigns

Spring Semester 2014 was a busy one for more than 20 health communication students in BGSU's COMM 4440 and MC 5010 class. Maybe you even took a sexual health/sleep survey to help some of your friends in that class as they researched and created health campaigns now being launched on the Internet and on BGSU's campus! Dr. Kate Magsamen-Conrad designed the class asking students to gather in small groups to work on theory-grounded, data-based, health-related campaigns designed specifically for BGSU students. Portions of the campaigns are currently rolling out and some groups already have success stories to share.


 For example, one group focusing on women's sexual health learned that the BGSU’s Falcon Health Center no longer stocks female condoms. Group members decided to work with the Falcon Center to change this and have been generating other resources to help make female condoms available. For instance, they partnered with the Fc2 female condom company who agreed to give BGSU samples of female condoms and also provided the group with training about the Fc2 female condoms. This was a great accomplishment and support initiating a FC2 outreach program at BGSU. In addition the group distributed female condoms to the Recreation and Wellness center at Bowling Green State University. The group created the permanent webpage for their campaign


Another group has been working on a compelling "anti" sexual assault campaign, and two others are working on sleep-related campaigns. They have developed media including videos and webpages and other campaign materials. When asked about their impressions and response to these class projects, Health Communication students have reported "this is the first time I've ever been excited about a class project," and "I think we're making a difference," which underscores their satisfaction after exhausting a lot of effort.

If you are interested in learning more about these campaigns and taking the class in the upcoming semesters, please check out more information posted on our Facebook