Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Related FAQs

Q: How many awards will be given each year?

A: Up to three awards of up to $7,500 each can be awarded annually.

Q: Is the Fellowship only available to Arts and Sciences students?

A: No. Undergraduate students of any major at BGSU may apply, and preference is not given to Arts and Sciences majors.

Q: May freshmen apply for the Givens Fellowship?

A: The eligibility criteria indicate undergraduate students must have completed two semesters (24 hours) at BGSU prior to the start of their fellowship experience.

Q: May seniors apply for the Givens Fellowship?

A: Ordinarily not, as Givens Fellows are expected to return to BGSU for two semesters after their experience takes place, and generally this would disqualify most students with senior standing.

Q: Why isn’t the Givens Fellowship open to graduate students?

A: The private donors who established this fellowship wished to create a unique experience for undergraduate students.

Q: Can I receive both the Stuart R. Givens Memorial Fellowship and the Hoskins Global Scholarship?

A: Yes, however, these two awards cannot fund the same project. Both projects must be distinct projects completed during different semesters. 

Application Related FAQs

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions about my proposal?

A: The College of Arts and Sciences will be hosting workshops each spring to assist students in the creation of their proposals. After these workshops, students can consult with a member of the advisory committee.

Experience Related FAQs

Q: Could students complete college credit or an internship/co-op, etc., while engaged in their Fellowship experience?

A: No. The Givens Fellowship is a distinct experience that cannot be used for academic credit or the fulfillment of another program requirement; for example, if your major requires an internship.

Q: Does my experience need to be related to my major or field of study?

A: No. Your Fellowship experience should be designed to realize a passionate interest or dream of yours that will contribute broadly to your education and your development as a person, and not be expressly related to your academic major or future career path, but instead look beyond the activities of your academic field of study. 

Q: Is overseas travel required as part of my Givens Fellowship experience?

A: No. However, that is certainly an available option. If you plan to travel abroad and are selected as a finalist, you will need to complete an Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation with the Office of International Programs and Partnerships. All project proposals are required to submit a risk management assessment which provides forethought on emergency situations that might arise with any travel experience.

Q: How long will my Fellowship experience last?

A: That depends on the nature of your planned experience itself, and the start and ending dates that you have tentatively set in your experience proposal. In general, most past experiences have been less than a semester (15 weeks) long.

Q: Will I be required to complete my experience over the summer?

A: No. However, we understand that many students will choose this option so as not to delay their educational timeline. Students are required to complete their experience within one calendar year of receiving their Fellowship.

Q: Does my experience need to be related to service and/or volunteerism?

A: No. The Givens Fellowship encourages students to design experiences that truly speak to their passions and interests. Service and/or volunteerism may certainly be a part of your experience, but it is not a requirement. Additionally, no preference whatsoever is given to candidates whose proposals focus on service and/or volunteerism.

Q: Should I contact the groups and/or individuals that would be integral to my experience before I apply?

A: While it is not required, background research on your experience, and initial contact with those groups and/or individuals who would be important in fulfilling it, is certainly encouraged. Depending on the experience, students may be required to complete additional paperwork. Final candidates will be notified if this is the case.

Q: Is it permissible to include “attachments” with an application, in addition to their 1,000-word statement and other documents expressly required by the Fellowship, in order to prove an applicant’s passion/interest/background, etc., regarding their experience, or be more detailed in explaining its planning?

A: No. Applicants should be able to convey the project itself, and their evidence of commitment to it, within the confines of the materials required by the Fellowship. Any attachments, etc., submitted in excess of the required materials will not be reviewed or considered by the Fellowship Advisory Committee. If selected as a finalist, the applicants’ passion and commitment will also be assessed in oral interviews.

Selection Process Related FAQs

Q: Will there be a notification process put in place so that students will be assured that their application has been received?

A: Yes. Students will receive an automatic email indicating their application was submitted.

Q: Will all applicants be interviewed?

A: No. Applicants whom the Fellowship Advisory Committee feels have submitted the most compelling proposals will be selected for interviews as potential finalists for the award.

Q: If I am overseas or otherwise away from BGSU and am chosen for an interview during this time, will this affect my eligibility for the Fellowship?

A: Not at all. However, if you expect to be away from the University during the period that interviews may be conducted (approximately March-April), please indicate this to the Advisory Committee, and inform them as to how you may be contacted (by BGSU email or telephone). If necessary, the Advisory Committee will be able to conduct a virtual interview.

Funds Related FAQs

Q: When will the Fellowship funds be distributed to students?

A: While no formal date is set for the distribution of funds. The Fellowship funds will be provided to each year’s winners as soon as possible after the Fellowship is awarded to allow the recipients to begin preparations for their experiences.

Q: If a student budgets their experience at a certain amount, but later discovers that they will require additional funds, will these funds be made available?

A: In applying, students are to exhibit creativity and resourcefulness and these qualities should enable them to complete their experience within the budget requested/allocated. While Fellowship recipients will receive assistance in refining their budgets, once a budget is finalized the monetary amount indicated in the budget will be the amount allotted to the student. No additional money will be provided through the Fellowship.

Q: Could Fellowship money be used to fund certain programs or supplies (including, for example, books and computers for a needy school)?

A: The Fellowship experience budget must support a compelling project that fits the guidelines. In that spirit, applicants may include any items in their budget that they feel would be appropriate for their project.

Q: Can I additionally fund my experience with my own money or with award funds from other sources?

A: Yes. Personal funds and/or award funds obtained from other sources may be applied to the cost of your experience, if projected expenses exceed the up to $7,500 awarded by the Givens Fellowship.

Note: Students considering both the Givens Fellowship and the Hoskins Global Scholarship are advised of the following policy: "Applicants who propose the same project for both the Hoskins Global Scholar Program and the Givens Award cannot receive both scholarships, if selected."

Q: If a student is planning on working with a particular individual as a part of their experience, is it appropriate to budget an honorarium/stipend, or other payment, for that individual from the $7,500?

A: Yes; however, the Givens Fellowship Advisory Committee will assess whether this is a necessary part of the budget, and the stipend itself should be only a small component of the overall budget. Additionally, honorariums or stipends may only be offered to individuals external to BGSU.

Q: Can students submit joint applications, in which more than one student applies to take part in the same experience and split one award of up to $7,500?

A: Joint applications will be considered; however, applicants must demonstrate that this would contribute to their overall goal of pursuing a passionate interest in a way that will enable personal and intellectual growth. Furthermore, the applicants will have to demonstrate to the committee that their proposal is meritorious and feasible.

Updated: 01/03/2024 02:15PM