Current Students

Second Year Students

Kiera GaswintGaswint

I am a Master's student in the Literary and Textual Program also working towards a Certificate in Technical Writing. I primarily focus on graphic novels, comic books, and other representations and conversations within Popular Culture in my research interests. As a BGSU undergraduate alumni, I applied to the program interested in remaining in the area, though I hope to pursue a career in editing and publishing outside of Ohio upon graduation. My favorite thing about my involvement in the program is not only having the privilege of working with so many interesting people and students, but also being able to more or less geek out on a weekly basis in a classroom setting.

Theodora Hannan Theodora Hannan

Theodora earned a BA in history from the University of Notre Dame in 2014, and after a two year sabbatical decided to return to academia to explore a different field. Both Bowling Green’s classes and the opportunity to explore the possibility of teaching were major draws of the program; while teaching turns out not to be a strong suit, the opportunity to interact with and guide students has been priceless. To the surprise of none, Theodora prefers a historical approach to scholarship, with a particular interest in queer theory and subjects, and has been able to join those two interests in a thesis project covering Tom Stoppard, Moises Kaufman, Oscar Wilde, and A.E. Housman (more on that in March). Upon graduation Theodora plans to move closer to family in Louisville, and hopes to explore a career in facilitating international education in the United States.


Morgan McDougall

Coming from a background and undergraduate degree in education, I knew that I wanted to enhance my teaching abilities while also working to become more knowledgeable in my subject area. These are the main reasons why I decided to complete my graduate work at BGSU. The program allowed for various teaching opportunities and engaging course materials. Through these courses, I have been able to continue the pursuit of my main research interest: Young Adult Literature, while also gaining new interests in Multicultural Literature and Composition Studies. I hope to continue my studies in a PhD program focusing on Rhetoric and Composition following graduation.

McGuireLindley McGuire

I am a second year student in the MA program in Literary and Textual studies. I am interested in race relations and minority groups, specifically focusing on African American literature as well as critical theory. I chose the program at Bowling Green because of the emphasis on theoretical approches to literature as well as the specific interest this program places on critical race theory. My favorite aspect of this program is the ability to work with other students within this program as well as students from other connected programs such as Rhetoric and Writing and American Culture Studies. I enjoy the atmosphere of collaboration and the ability to exchange ideas with my peers. After graduation I am not quite sure what I plan to do. I would really like to work for a non profit organization that works with ocean conservation or marine life in some way. As an English graduate with a Master's degree there are many doors being opened that can go unnoticed - I plan to notice these doors and find somewhere I can make a difference by bringing academia to real life issues.

PhillipsKatelynn Phillips

I am a 2nd year master’s student in Literary and Textual Studies at Bowling Green State University. I received my bachelor degree in English from BGSU with a minor in Sociology. Although I have many interests, my primary ones include drama, popular culture, world literature, gender studies, and feminism. The reason I chose to attend BGSU was I had wonderful experience during my undergrad. Coming back to BGSU felt like home! My favorite part of being in the program is attending the inspiring classes and spending time with my amazing cohort. After graduation, my hope is to further my education and one day have a job in academia. In my spare time, I enjoy playing board/video games, writing, watching movies, and hanging out with my numerous pets.

WeissSamantha Weiss

I am a second year MA student in the English Literary and Textual Studies Program. My main research interests are postcolonial theory, representations of the Middle East and Asia, and languages. I chose BG, because this program gave me the chance to teach as a first-year and to pursue other passions through certificate programs and interesting themed courses. My favorite part of the program is the teaching component. Aside from increasing my own knowledge, the experience of being an instructor has humbled, emboldened, and bettered me repeatedly. After graduation, I would like to pursue a PhD and enter academia or work for an education non-profit.

First Year Students

adejareHammed Adejare

I earned a BA in English and Literary Studies from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, in 2014 and taught Use of English as a tutorial assistant in the same university before receiving a Fulbright award to teach in the United States as a Cultural Exchange Fellow. I am an MA student in Literary and Textual Studies. My research interest is rooted in African Literature, African-American Literature, Postcolonial Literary theory and the Bourgeoning Diaspora African Writings. BGSU is just right for my scholarship, considering the flexibility of the Literary and Textual Studies program which allows for multi-disciplinary approach to choice of classes. I plan to proceed to a PhD in the same field after graduation.



Blake Altman

My research interests are centered around contemporary literature, particularly in regards to adaptation of literature. I chose Bowling Green because I loved the campus and the town and wanted to be a part of a vibrant academic community. My favorite part of the program is the people I have gotten to know here. I plan to pursue a Ph.D in my field after graduation.



Jessica Eylem

My research interests are feminist theory, with more of a relation into multicultural and dystopian literature.  I chose BG's program because of the faculty and their own research interests, which correspond with my own.  My favorite part about the program is how committed they are to making sure that you succeed to the best of your ability.  They have provided countless sources to both help me and make me feel part of the department.  After graduation, my hope is to go to a PhD program.


PopeMadelaine Pope

My research interests include 19th century British literature - specifically women writers, including Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, and the Bronte sisters - African American literature, Feminist theory, Postcolonial theory, and Orientalist theory.  I chose BGSU's program because I liked the emphasis on teaching us practical graduate school knowledge and making us think realistically about our futures.  My favorite part of the program is the literature classes' combination of theory and literary works, and how the professors really want to make sure we understand the theory before applying it.  During my second year I plan on applying to doctoral programs in literature, so hopefully after gradation I will begin working toward my Ph.D. in literature, focusing on 19th century British literature.

ProfittBlue Profitt

My research interests include the Victorian novel, particularly the Gothic, Victorian projections of sexuality and domesticity on twentieth and twenty-first century film and television, mainly The Office, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and feminist theory. Because of my keen interest in contemporary cultural studies and the effects that historical literature has on the content we massively consume, BGSU and its commitment to interdisciplinary research were the perfect fit for me. I enjoy the amount of creative freedom that the students are allowed in this program because it is preparing me for an even more independent scholarly future. Upon my graduation from BGSU, I intend to pursue literary and cultural studies at the doctoral level.

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Heather Stephenson






ToreMicaela Tore

I graduated from BGSU's undergraduate program with a B.A. in English in 2016, and have now returned to pursue my M.A. in Literary & Textual Studies. My primary area of interest is Modernism, and specifically how Modernist poets portray the body. I chose BGSU's graduate program because I had a great undergraduate experience here, which I am eager to continue, and because I appreciate the interdisciplinary opportunities afforded to students, which allow me to pursue interests outside of my specific research topics.


Wagner AdamAdam Wagner

I love delving into the literature of nineteenth-century America, especially exploring the intersections between queer theory and religious studies. Northwest Ohio has always been my home, and I chose BGSU because of its Midwest heritage; I love the program’s focus on broad theoretical and cultural contexts, which allows me to expand my base of knowledge and understanding of the world. After graduation, I plan to earn my Ph.D. and continue in academia (while gardening in the summers and anxiously awaiting the next Star Wars movie).