The application materials on this page will provide you with detailed information regarding the master's program in Literary and Textual Studies. To help students achieve their degree goals, stipends and financial aid packages are available that include 100% tuition waivers, out-of-state fee waivers for the first year of study, and other monetary support. Additionally, distance-learning options are available for students wishing to complete their master's degree, but who are unable to attend campus regularly.

Included in the materials below is an Assistantship Request Form to be included with your application. Presently, newly funded graduate assistants at the master's level will receive:

  • 100% residential tuition waiver
  • Non-residential tuition waiver for the first year
  • Living stipend (last year’s stipend was $9,300)

Students will teach two courses the first year in our General Studies Writing program, one in each semester. Funding is available for an additional year for students in good standing; students will either teach a total of three GSW courses over the year or a combination of teaching one GSW course and assisting with an undergraduate literature survey. In addition, other funding opportunities may be available. 

Application deadline: Applications for the 2015-2016 academic year are due on January 15, 2015. All applicants are encouraged to complete a request for an assistantship, but please note that admission to the program does not guarantee a graduate assistantship.




Download and print the Application Check Sheet to guide you through the process.


Your application to the MA in English specialization in Literary and Textual Studies (MA LTS) consists of a  Primary Application  and a  Secondary Application . Basic instructions are below, but review the  Application Details  section at the lower half of this webpage for explanations of each part of the application.


The pieces of the Primary Application get completed online or sent to BGSU's Graduate College:

  • Fill out the online application for BGSU Graduate College’s, available from  BGSU Graduate College Admissions.
    • Within that online application, there is a page entitled "Enrollment Options."
    • On the "Enrollment Options" page, choose "Fall" for the semester in which you wish to begin.
    • Under "Select my area of study," choose: English: Literary and Textual Studies Specialization – MA (Face to Face Program).
  • Pay the application fee ($45, $75 for international students).
  • Submit your official transcripts (one copy from each college or university attended) to the address below.
  • Submit a GRE score directly to BGSU's Graduate Admissions at the address below. We require the GRE General Exam.
  • For applicants whose first language is not English: Submit TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores. Exam scores must be sent from the testing service directly to BGSU's Graduate Admissions at the address below.

Official transcripts and test scores should be sent directly from the college/university or testing service to:

Office of Admissions
ATTN: Graduate Admissions
110 McFall Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403-0083

For more information on the primary application, see BGSU Graduate College Admissions

Follow this link to begin the Primary Application.



All parts of the Secondary Application are sent directly to the Department of English:

  • Statement of Purpose (1 page single spaced or 2 pages double spaced).
  • 3 Letters of recommendation.
  • Critical Writing Sample (roughly 10-15 pages; may be one work or it may be a selection of several different pieces).
  • Assistantship Request Form (for those requesting teaching assistantship with scholarship and stipend). Please fill out and print this form and send it with your secondary application materials.

For more details on each of these pieces, see Application Details, below. All parts of the secondary application should be sent to:

Graduate Office, Dept. of English
211 East Hall
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green OH 43403



The program in Literary and Textual Studies does not make admissions decisions based on any single category below, but looks carefully at an entire application. We are most invested in ensuring student success; because of that overarching interest, we want to ensure that candidates for admission are both qualified and that their interests would fit well with our program. Please take time and care in preparing your application, following the guidelines below.



Send to BGSU's Graduate College using the address listed in "How to Apply" section 3, above.

Transcripts and GPA

To be eligible for admission to any MA in English (Online) program, candidates are ordinarily expected to have an overall GPA of at least 2.8 and an English GPA of 3.2. However, lower GPAs will be considered; we will take into account the entirety of the application.

Standardized Test Scores

The Department of English requires the GRE General Exam. We generally look for Verbal score of roughly 159 (or around 80th percentile) or higher, and Writing score of roughly 4.5 or higher.

Please note that while we require the GRE, we do not base our entire decision on any one portion of an application, including the exam scores. The  scores listed above are guidelines, not absolute requirements. We use the entirety of the application, understsanding that some applicants score better on standardized test scores than do others.

TOEFL or IELTS scores

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) scores are required only for students whose first language is not English. If your first language is English you do not need to submit these scores. If your first language is not English but you attended an undergraduate institution in which all instruction (save foreign language instruction) was conducted in English, you might not need to submit these scores. Check with BGSU's Graduate College if you have any questions.


Send to the Department of English using the address listed in "How to Apply" section 4, above.

Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose should be one page (single spaced) or two pages (double spaced) and should describe your academic and career background, your preparation for the degree, and your interests and motivation for pursuing the MA.

Critical Writing Sample

The critical writing sample should demonstrate your writing ability and your preparation for graduate-level academic writing in the field of literary and textual studies. The critical writing sample should be roughly 10-15 pages and should demonstrate your skill at literary or theoretical analysis. If you do not have a single writing sample of that length, two or more shorter samples can be accepted.

Letters of Recommendation

You should submit three letters of recommendation from references who can attest to your academic ability, your critical thinking skills, your responsibility, etc. These should generally come from current or former professors who know your work. Letters should be sent in hard copy directly from the recommender to the Department of English, rather than being forwarded by the applicant.



To check if transcripts or GRE scores have been received at BGSU, please contact BGSU Graduate Admissions:

BGSU Graduate Admissions
110 McFall Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403-0083
419 372 2478

For questions about the status of your secondary application, please contact English Graduate Secretary Jeanne Berry:

 Jeanne R. Berry, Graduate Secretary
419 372 6864

If you are interested in completing the certificate program in scientific and technical communication, women's studies, or ethnic studies, please make sure to read over the  Gainful Employment Disclosure Information  from Student Financial Aid.