The application materials on this page will provide you with detailed information regarding the master's program in English. BGSU offers a master's degree in English (Literary and Textual Studies) and certificates in both International Scientific and Technical Communication (ISTC) and Teaching of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). To help students achieve their degree goals, stipends and financial aid packages are available that include 100% tuition waivers, out-of-state fee waivers for the first year of study, and other monetary support. Additionally, distance-learning options are available for students wishing to complete their master's degree, but who are unable to attend campus regularly.

Linked below is an application for an assistantship. Presently, newly funded graduate assistants at the master's level will receive:

  • 100% residential tuition waiver
  • Non-residential tuition waiver for the first year
  • Living stipend (last year’s stipend was $9,300)

Students will teach two courses the first year in our General Studies Writing program, one in each semester. Funding is available for an additional year for students in good standing; students will teach two courses in the fall of their second year and one in the spring, though alternate opportunities may be available.

Applications for the 2014-2015 academic year are due on January 15, 2014. Please apply as soon as possible, but we will read all applications up to the final deadline. All applicants are encouraged to complete an assistantship application, but please note that admission to the program does not guarantee a graduate assistantship.

Currently, we ask that all application materials be sent in hard copy. Please address all materials as follows:

Bowling Green State University
Department of English, Graduate Secretary
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Application procedure:

  • Apply online
    • Be sure to submit all documents requested on the Graduate College page, according to those instructions.
    • TOEFL scores, if necessary, should only be sent to the Graduate College. Currently, BGSU waives TOEFL scores for any student who has a degree from an English speaking institution. Please contact the Graduate College directly for any questions regarding TOEFL scores.
  • Submit three letters of recommendation.
    • Be sure to allow your writers sufficient time to compose and mail these letters.
  • Submit a few samples of your writing.
    • Generally, this should amount to 10-15 pages. Your sample may be one work, or it may be a selection of several different pieces.
  • Submit a statement of purpose.
    • This should be a one-page description of your motivations for coming to graduate school, what you hope to achieve in your area of interest and your aspirations following the receipt of the graduate degree.
  • Take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and submit your scores to BGSU. The subject test in English is not required.

Application Materials

Please check with the English Department’s Graduate Secretary Jeanne Berry (jberry@bgsu.edu) periodically to make sure your application file is complete.

If you are interested in completing the certificate program in scientific and technical communication, women's studies, or ethnic studies, please make sure to read over the Gainful Employment Disclosure Information from Student Financial Aid.