Graduate Students

Natalia Balashova, MS, Thesis topic: Remote Sensing for Organic and Conventional Corn Assessment (completed in 2015)

Prabha Rupasinghe, MS, Thesis topic: Assessment of Shoreline Vegetation in the Western Basin of Lake Erie using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery (completed in 2016)

  • PhD student at McMaster University, Ontario (2017-present)
  • SIMIC MILAS A, RUPASINGHE P, BALENOVIĆ I, GROSEVSKI P. 2015. Assessment of Forest Damage in Croatia using Landsat-8 OLI Images. South-east Eur for 6 (2): 159-169. DOI:
  • Student award: SATELLITES Geospatial Technology Conference, April 14 2015, Perrysburg, Ohio
  • Student award: The Best Student of Department, Department of Geology, BGSU (2016)

Matthew Magdic, MS, Thesis topic: Abandoned oil and gas wells detection using remote sensing (completed in 2016)

Matthew Romanko, MS, Thesis topic: Remote sensing in precission agriculture: Monitoring plant chlorophyll and soil ammonia, nitrate and phosphate in corn and soy bean fields (completed in 2017).

  • Employed by Satelytics (remote sensing)
  • Co-author of two conference abstracts  

Matthew Larson, MS, Thesis topic: Monitoring sediments concentration in the Western Lake Erie regions using satellite remote sensing and drone images (completed in 2017)

Jonathan Ray Bair, MS student, Thesis topic: Using hyperspectral signatures for monitoring chemistry of agricultural soils (in progress). 

Yahampath Marambe, MS student, Thesis topcic: Understanding hydrological processes in the Western Lake Erie basin (in progress)  

Tharindu Abeysinghe, MS student, Thesis topcic: Monitoring invasive plant species using remote sensing

Patrick Reil, MS student, Thesis topcic: Remote Sesnsing for Water quality in estauries  

Research Assistance

Asanga Mudiyanselage , MS student, worked with Dr. Simic on two projects: 1) Land cover classification along the Lake Erie shorline using LiDAR and 2) ET/NPP using BEPS model and C programming (2016). 

Udaya Maddumage, MS, worked with Dr. Simic on vegetation classification related project using ENVI IDL (2015-16). 

Membership on Thesis Committees

Dayal, Wijayarathr, MS, Thesis topic: Shallow groundwater modeling of the historical Irwin Wet Prairie in the Oak Opening of Northwest Ohio (completed in 2015). 

  • Employed by Blue Water Satellite in remote sensing (2015-16)
  • PhD student at McMaster University, Canada (2016-present).

Nayani Ilangakoon , MS, Thesis topic: Estimating leaf area index by Bayesian Linear Regression using terrestrial LiDAR, LAI-2200 Plant Canopy Analyzer, and Landsat TM spectral indices (completed in 2016). 

  • PhD student at Boise State University (2015-present)
  • Paper published: ILANGAKOON N T, GORSEVSKI P V, SIMIC MILAS A.  2015. Estimating Leaf Area Index by Bayesian Linear Regression using Terrestrial LiDAR, LAI - 2200 Plant Canopy Analyser, and Landsat TM Spectral Indices. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 41: 315-333.

Christopher Kefa, MS, Thesis topic: Assessing the Impact of Human Land Use and Bioenergy extraction on the Biodiversity of Kakamega Rainforest, Kenya (completed in 2016).

Mark Potucek, MS, Thesis topic: Avulsion processes and rates in a mixed alluvial-bedrock river channel, Huron River, Ohio (completed in 2017).

Undergraduate students working with Dr. Simic

Thomas Hutsler, Department of Biology, BGSU, Invasive species and wetlands along the Lake Erie shoreline using drone images

  • Presented at America View / USGS winter technical meeting, Washington, April 2017

Jacob Zinkhon, Department of Environment & Sustainability, BGSU, working with Dr. Simic on crop vitality using Landsat and UAS/UAV. 

  • Received the LTER award from Michigan State University, 2016

Nicholas Faust, Nicole Light, Ross Combs, Katerina Konstantinidis, Adam Link

  • Received CURS (Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship) grant, 2017/18
  • Received America View / USGS mini-grant