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SPLIT RS You Tube videos:

SPatial LITeracy Workshop

            BGSU, Nov 17 2017


  • SPLIT Remote Sensing Summer School  

            June 11-15 2018

            Prague, Czech Republic


SPatial LITeracy - SPLIT through ART exhibition

            BGSU, 29 Sept 2017


My teaching career began in 2005 and teaching became my professional passion. I was teaching at universities in Canada (University of Toronto, Ryerson University and University of Victoria), and China (Wuhan University), and now I am teaching in the United States (Bowling Green State University). My engineering consulting background and my experience while working at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing provided me with many real-world examples that I keep passing to my students to help them grasp the material and enjoy learning. My philosophy of teaching is based on the belief that students need to be equal partners in the learning process. I am using the same principles for SPLITRS.


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