Financial aid is available to qualified Popular Culture M.A. students for up to two years in the form of Graduate Assistantships in teaching, research, or applied research and a tuition scholarship.

The assistantship has an associated academic year stipend for which Graduate Assistants are required to devote twenty hours per week to the academic or other unit as assigned during the Fall and Spring semesters. We typically offer teaching assignments in the POPC 1600-Intro to Popular Culture undergraduate course. In their first semester teaching assistants (TAs) work under a Faculty member in a large lecture section two days a week and lead a discussion section on their own each week as well. In the following semesters of their assistantship TAs have the opportunity to teach their own POPC 1600 class. Research Assistant assignments will vary and be assigned to fit with an applicant’s areas of interest and experience

The tuition scholarship covers the instructional fees. The tuition scholarship also covers non-resident fees for the first year. After that we anticipate that students will apply and receive Ohio residency. International graduate students are eligible to be awarded non-resident fees beyond the first year.

Information regarding other types of financial assistance available for students pursuing graduate study at Bowling Green State University can be found on the Graduate College website.


Updated: 11/18/2019 11:43AM