Configuring your BGLinux account

If you are using bglinux for computer science coursework, there are two commands you must use to configure your account for that class. These commands are described below.


Typing the command


will set up the compiler flags as needed for computer science classes. This need be done only once for your bgunix account.

class -join

Type the command

class -join directoryname

using the directory name specified by your instructor. This will establish a class directory for use in a particular computer science class. Your class directory will be ready after you enter this command. All of your work for the class should be done within the class directory that is created by executing this command. If you already have a subdirectory with this name in your home directory, you need to rename it to something else before attempting this command. This command will need to be executed for each class that uses bgunix. Your instructor will be able to view the files contained in the class directory for this account.