Thomas J. Mowen


Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology
Phone: 419-372-2440

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., University of Delaware, 2015

Dr. Mowen’s research interests include criminological theory, prisoner reentry, and punishment/policing/security on youth/family.  

Recent Publications:

Mowen, T. J., Stansfield, R., & Boman, J. H., IV. (2019). “Family Matters: Moving Beyond “If” Family Support Matters to “Why” Family Support Matters during Reentry from Prison.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 56(4), 483-523. doi: 10.1177/0022427818820902

Mowen, T. J., & Boman, J. H., IV. (2019). “Do We Have It All Wrong? The Protective Roles of Peers and Criminogenic Risks from Family During Prison Reentry.” Crime & Delinquency, 65(5), 681-704. doi: 10.1177/0011128718800286

Boman IV, John H. and Thomas J. Mowen. Forthcoming “Building the Ties that Bind, Breaking the Ties that Don’t: Family Support, Criminal Peers, and Reentry Success.” Criminology & Public Policy.

Mowen, Thomas J., Gregg G. Mowen, and John J. Brent. Forthcoming. “Working Inside the Gate: School Discipline on Post.” Youth Justice.

Wodahl, Eric, Brent Garland, and Thomas J. Mowen. Forthcoming. “Understanding the Perceived Value of Incentives in Community Supervision.” Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research.

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Mowen, Thomas J., and Matthew J. Manierre. 2017. “School Security Measures and Extracurricular Participation: An Exploratory Multi-Level Analysis.” British Journal of Sociology of Education 38: 344-363.

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