John H. Boman


Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology
Phone: 419-372-3874

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., University of Florida, Gainesville, 2013

Dr. Bowman’s research interests include peer influences on antisocial behavior, crime and the life-course and criminological theory.  

Recent Publications:

Boman, IV, John H., and Thomas J. Mowen. (Forthcoming). Building the ties that bind, breaking the ties that don’t: Family support, criminal peers, and reentry success. Criminology & Public Policy, online first.

Boman, IV, John H., Laura Agnich, Bryan Lee Miller, John M. Stogner, and Thomas J. Mowen. (Forthcoming). The “other side of the fence”: A learning- and control-based investigation of the relationship between deviance and friendship quality. Deviant Behavior.

Boman, IV, John H. (Online first). Do birds of a feather really flock together? Friendships, self-control similarity, and deviant behaviour. British Journal of Criminology.

Stansfield, Richard, Thomas J. Mowen, Tom O’Connor, and John H. Boman, IV. (2017). The role of religious support in reentry: Evidence from the SVORI data. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 54: 111-145.

Boman, IV, John H., and Chris L. Gibson. (2016). The implications of using group-based offenses versus non-group-based offenses in peer deviance scales. Deviant Behavior 37:1411-1428.

Boman, IV, John H., Cesar J. Rebellon, and Ryan C. Meldrum. (2016). Can item-level error correlations correct for projection bias in perceived peer deviance measures? A research note. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 32:89-102.

Culhane, Scott E., John H. Boman, IV, and Kimberly Schweitzer. (2016). Public perceptions of the justifiability of police shootings: The role of body cameras in a pre/post Ferguson experiment. Police Quarterly 19:251-274.

Ward, Jeffrey T., John H. Boman, IV, and Shayne Jones. (2015). Hirschi’s redefined self-control: Assessing the implications of the merger between social- and self-control theories. Crime and Delinquency 61:1206-1233.

Stogner, John M., John H. Boman, IV, and Bryan Lee Miller. (2015). Assessing the relationship between divergent drinking patterns and perceptions of friendship quality. Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse 24:387-396.

Wodahl, Eric J., John H. Boman, IV, and Brett E. Garland. (2015). Responding to probation and parole violations: Are jail sanctions more effective than community-based graduated sanctions? Journal of Criminal Justice 43:242-250.