Carolyn J. Tompsett


Position: Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 419-372-8256

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Wayne State University, 2008

Research Interests:

Examining ecological models of juvenile delinquency and substance abuse among adolescents; intersection of neighborhoods and poverty, peer and family influences; multivariate statistics and modeling techniques.

Recent Publications:

Watkins, A., Diggins, E., Pratt, M., & Tompsett, C.J. (Forthcoming). Voluntary uptake and continuation of treatment among court-involved youth: lessons learned from the implementation of Functional Family Therapy in a community setting. Children and Youth Services Review. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2020.105028

Pratt, M., King, M., Burash, J., & Tompsett, C.J. (Forthcoming). What differences do they see? Using mixed methods to capture adolescent perceptions of neighborhood contexts. American Journal of Community Psychology.

Colburn, S., Pratt, M, Mueller, C., Tompsett, C. J. (2020). How adolescents define their home neighborhoods conceptually and spatially. J Community Psychol. 48(3), 709‐725. doi:10.1002/jcop.22290

Tompsett, C.J., & Colburn, S. (2019). Characteristics of friend networks and risk for alcohol, marijuana, and behavior problems in college. Journal of College Student Development, 60, 203-218.

Dynes, M.E., Tompsett, C.J., & Domoff, S.E. (2018). Development and validation of the Therapist Barriers to Engaging Parents (TBEP) measure. Community Mental Health Journal, 54(2), doi: 10.1007/s10597-018-0317-x.

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Bonadio, F.A., & Tompsett, C.J. (2018). Who benefits from usual care? Using latent profile analysis to identify differential treatment outcomes. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 47(11), 2320-2336, doi: 10.1007/S10964-018-0888-4

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