Annette Mahoney


Position: Professor of Psychology
Phone: 419-372-0282

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., University of Houston, 1992

Dr. Mahoney has published observational and survey-based research on links between marriage, parenting, and child adjustment. Since 1995, she has co-directed the Spirituality and Psychology Research Team (S.P.i.R.i.T.). and her research focuses on the positive and negative roles that religion and spirituality play for individuals and families. In collaboration with Drs. Kenneth I. Pargament and Al DeMaris, she is the PI on a longitudinal study on the spiritual/religion aspects of marriage, pregnancy, and the transition to parenthood (i.e., New Arrivals: Passage to Parenthood Study or NAPPS), a project generously funded by the Templeton Foundation. For more information, see and

Recent Publications:

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