Summer Studies


The Summer Study in China is an exciting program. Students will take classes in Chinese language and culture for BGSU credit (6 credit hours). This trip will include excursions to sites in and around Beijing.  Climbing the Great Wall of China, exploring the traditional alleyways, or hutongs, of old Beijing, and hiking to the top of Jinshan to catch the view out over the Forbidden City are just some of the academic excursions students took part in while earning six credits toward their degree at BGSU. This month-long study abroad program is hosted by the Department of GREAL and is open to all students. Preference is given to those having had at least one semester of Chinese language at the college level.


Summer Study in Japan (JAPN 2000 & 3000)
The Summer Study in Japan program offers students an opportunity to study the Japanese language and to acquire the first-hand knowledge of the Japanese people and culture. The Japanese summer program is operated in cooperation from Nagoya University and Hiroshima Jogakuin University. Students are enrolled for 6 credit hours, 3 for language and 3 for culture. One year of Japanese is required. Classes run Monday through Friday. The program includes field trips to Nara, Kyoto, Hiroshima, etc. There are also home-stays where students get to spend the weekend with Japanese families.

Peace Studies (ASIA 3100)
This course will undertake an intensive field study in Hiroshima, Japan, for ten days on the human and material consequences of atomic bombings and the subsequent history of nuclear politics and culture. The student will witness the horror of nuclear attack and study the means of achieving world peace. The students will participate in the lectures and discussion and hear the testimony of a survivor. They will have field trips to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Miyajima, etc. There will be hands-on activities. They will also attend memorial services for Atomic Bomb Victims, the Ceremony for Praying for Peace, and Candle Service for Peace. The Peace Studies Program is operated with cooperation from Hiroshima Jogakuin University every other year. The students are enrolled for three credits. They live with host families in Hiroshima.


The Asian Studies program annually sends selected undergraduate students to Asia as exchange students or student interns. Students earn credits transferable to the University. For more information about these programs, click here.

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