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chinese culture club

Chinese Culture Club

For students with interest in the Chinese culture and serving as an extra source of knowledge for those who are learning Chinese. Activities include calligraphy writing, watching movies, and other Chinese culture activities. Any student can join the club by attending meetings or expressing interest to an officer. Meetings are held during the academic year every Thursday at 7:00pm in Room 115 Shatzel Hall.  Faculty Advisor: Min Yang

Japanese Club 

The mission of the Japanese Club is to increase the student population's awareness of Japanese culture, language, and society in a fun and engaging manner. Activities include Japanese tea ceremony, cooking, calligraphy, movie nights, origami, etc. Ohanami, a spring cherry blossom festival, is open to the public. Students may become members of the Japanese Club by attending any of our weekly meetings and putting their names and e-mails on a sign-in sheet. Meetings are held during the academic year every Thursday at 9:00pm in the Nakamoto Room, 11th floor of Offenhauer West. Faculty Advisor: Akiko Kawano Jones


Anime in Northwest Ohio (ANO)

Founded in 2002, the goal of Anime in Northwest Ohio is to spread awareness of Japanese animation and culture through the hosting of free events that appeal to University students and faculty, as well as to people in the Bowling Green community. ANO assumes responsibility for providing a social setting for students and members of the community to gather for the purpose of viewing anime, holding academic and social-related discussions, and hosting events related to Japanese anime and otaku culture. To join ANO a student or non-student needs to attend at least one meeting, at any point during the academic year, and fill out a registration form and then turn in the completed form to the club secretary. A new registration form will need to be filled out each year because we do not have roll over memberships. Meetings are held during the academic year every Friday at 7:00pm at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. Primary Contact: Heath A. Diehl or email: Visit their website at:

India Students Association

Founded in 1994, the goal of the club is to promote awareness about India, her culture and people. It also serves as a forum for interaction between students and works to promote intercultural understanding among the people of the USA and India. Finally, the group assists incoming students with procedural formalities. Activities include Fresher's Party, Speaking Sessions, Holl Celebration, and National Dance Competitions. This association is open to the public. People who are interested in knowing the Indian culture can be a part of our organization. Primary Advisor: Dr. Srinivas Melkote

Korean Culture Club (KCC)

Korean Culture Club was founded in 2014. Due to an increase in Korean popular culture recently, Korean Culture Club focuses on balancing students' knowledge of both popular and traditional culture. Students and community members are always welcome. Activities include Korean New Year Celebration, Movie Night, Norae bang (karaoke) sessions and playing the traditional game, Yut Nori! Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving Dinner during the semester is open to the public. KCC's mission is to promote Korean cultural awareness within Bowling Green. Meetings are held during the academic year every other Wednesday at 7-8pm.

Check out our previous K-Pop event, and our Facebook page for updates: BGSUKC

Current Advisor: Hyungsuk Choo, for questions

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