Virtual Graduate Student Orientation

The Graduate Student Orientation experience is designed to help make this transition as smooth as possible whether you are just beginning your graduate degree, returning to college, or coming to BGSU as one of our international students. No matter what your current level of education we believe that you will find our program very helpful to you as you prepare to take the next step in pursuing your educational goals. All new graduate students, and those with first-time assistantships, are invited to participate in Graduate Student Orientation. The modules available virtually will assist you in learning more about BGSU, policies important to your life and work as a graduate student, and who you can turn to for support while you are a student here. Some of the key topics are listed below.

You will receive an email when it is time to start your Virtual Graduate Student Orientation experience through your Bridge training portal.

The Academic Honesty Policy is designed to enhance and sustain an environment of ethical and principled intellectual pursuit, consistent with the core values of the University. This policy is based on respect for intellectual property as well as for one another. In response to this policy, all graduate students at BGSU must read and sign/submit the BGSU Graduate College Academic Honesty Pledge. You will find a module dedicated to Academic Integrity in Virtual GSO.  Within the module, you will be asked to first read the Bowling Green State University Academic Policy which is designed to enhance and sustain an environment of ethical and principled intellectual pursuit. After reading all the sections of that webpage and policy, you will be directed to read and sign/submit the Academic Honesty Pledge. 

The University as a whole values the students' rights and responsibilities that are guaranteed through the Title IX policy. Students that are on a graduate assistantship have unique responsibilities and therefore are urged to complete additional federally mandated Title IX compliance training. Additionally, all graduate students, regardless of assistantship status, are encouraged to complete the training. 

Bowling Green State University and the surrounding community strive to be welcoming and inclusive to all who study, work, and live here.  Engaging in a presentation on understanding power and privilege on your graduate school journey is paramount to your professional development as you complete your Graduate Student Orientation experience.

All students on a research assistantship and graduate students from some specific departments must complete Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) training. These online modules are easily accessible from any home or campus computer and is recommended to be completed prior to the start of orientation week and via Virtual Graduate Student Orientation.

Institutional Review Board is the administrative and decision-making body having responsibility for review and approval of research involving human subjects. Before any research involving human subjects can be initiated it must have received IRB review and approval. The activities of the IRB are administered by the Office of Research Compliance (ORC).  Students can access the online Human Subjects Research training in Virtual Graduate Student Orientation.

Updated: 12/06/2022 09:43AM