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Technical Study

As a stand-alone undergraduate associate degree or the first step toward an advanced degree, the online associate of technical study (ATS) can jump-start your path to success. 

With the ATS degree, you’ll stand out from the crowd and go from job to career in as little as 18 – 24 months.

This flexible online program allows students to combine courses from different technical areas to create an associate’s degree focused on specific career interests.

Courses in business, management, technology, social media, or quality systems are just some of the options available.

Every student works closely with an academic advisor from BGSU Firelands to create a plan for their success. Begin or advance your career with an associate of technical study degree.

When you’re ready, push yourself further with possible advanced entry to our online bachelor’s degree programs.

This program is also offered in a traditional classroom setting. Learn more about the in-person version of the ATS program offered on the BGSU Firelands campus on North central Ohio’s Lake Erie shore, between Toledo and Cleveland.

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Your degree, your way

Students looking for flexibility in their degree program should consider the associate of technical study (ATS) degree. The flexibility of the ATS from BGSU allows you to mix a range of subjects according to your needs. 

Students might seek to unlock advancement in new career fields or to take the first step in recognizing their current achievements, or complement other educational qualifications they already have. 

With online delivery, straightforward requirements for entry and graduation, the associate of technical study opens doors to new career paths and new knowledge and skills. 

If you started your associate’s degree at BGSU and did not finish for one reason or another, we have good news! Bowling Green State University invites you back to Finish your BGSU Degree.

Career opportunities

Online classes across subjects available to the ATS program will develop student skills in sought-after areas like creativity, research skills, critical thinking, and communication. 

Employers tell us they look for a range of soft skills and demonstrated technical knowledge. An ATS can prove you have all bases covered when applying for your next job. 

Hybrid jobs are a rapidly expanding career path. These new opportunities draw upon skill sets from different, traditionally unrelated disciplines. Skills in demand by employers will often blend creative right-brain skills with left-brain technical skills.

Employers are looking for people who have essential skills and competencies backed by a solid academic foundation. With the BGSU ATS degree, you’ll stand out from the crowd and go from job to career in as little as 18 – 24 months.

Career paths

  • Management or Leadership positions
  • Preparation for Professional certification
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Team Leadership roles
  • Healthcare Positions
  • Education Roles


The BGSU ATS online program will develop your academic credentials and build your professional expertise in your chosen areas.  

Students complete 63 hours in total; 27 hours of general requirements – including humanities and arts, social/behavioral sciences, natural sciences, communication, and mathematics and 36 hours from a range of technical disciplines. Students will work closely with a BGSU academic advisor to select an appropriate course plan to meet their career goals.

The ATS is an ideal choice if you are looking to step up in responsibility and compensation at your current job or prepare to move up in your career. An associate degree in technical study will strengthen your management and leadership skills and sharpen your critical thinking and communication skills.

If you started your associate degree at BGSU but did not finish your studies for whatever reason, the Bowling Green State University associate of technical study is an adaptable way to complete your degree and graduate.

Required courses

Criminal Justice

Sample courses

  • ntro to Interactive Advertising & Social Media
  • Video Field Production, Editing & Online Distribution
  • Media and Strategic Communication
  • History of Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design Thinking
  • Audio Production
  • Branding

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