The Italian minor program is part of the Department Of World Languages and Cultures in the College of Arts and Sciences

Learn the Italian language and experience culture in the city of Rome, the eternal city, while you polish your new Italian skills.
  • Minor Available
  • Minor Available

Italian Studies (minor only)

The BGSU minor in Italian studies expands your language skills and opens your appreciation of one of the great cultures of the world.  

Italian has been taught at the university since 1967. The BGSU Italian faculty welcomes students interested in culinary arts, fashion, film, language, literature, and music to join us. Exposure to Italian culture, language, and history can enrich students' lives and prepare them for the future.

Learn the language of the poets

Italian is the language of art, culture, food, and luxury brands known the world over. Language skills are just one benefit of a BGSU minor in Italian. Students will also explore the rich and vibrant culture of Italy.

Learning the language and culture of another country, like Italy, opens up opportunities for international travel, work and study. BGSU students may choose to study abroad through an organized trip to Rome. 

Stand Out in courses like

  • Elementary Italian
  • Intermediate Italian
  • Independent Readings in Italian Studies
  • Italian-American Experience: Mafia, Migration, and the Movies
  • Italian Literature: Advanced Studies

Understanding world languages and cultures are fundamental skills for today’s global citizens. 


A minor in Italian requires 18 hours of courses at the 2000-4000 levels. Students must take Elementary Italian and Intermediate Italian, as well as elective Italian courses. At least one elective needs to be at the 4000 level.

The Italian minor takes a cultural approach to learning the Italian language. Topics studied include art, literature and film.


Understanding world languages and cultures are fundamental skills for today’s global citizens. Graduates with proficiency in other languages are attractive job candidates in fields as diverse as the arts, business, education, government, health and social services, international relations, journalism, and translation services.

Italy not only offers premier tourism careers, but is a major player in export industries and manufacturing, especially of luxury goods. While Italian business abroad is often conducted in English, speaking the Italian language will give you an advantage when seeking careers with Italian-speaking customers or businesses.

Go Far in your career

  • Museum Curator
  • Translator
  • Educator
  • Tourism and Hospitality Specialist
  • International Liaison
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Journalist

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The Italian minor program is a part of the Department of World Languages and Cultures in the BGSU College of Arts and Sciences.  

Study Abroad in Italy

Living in Italy - even if it is only for a short time - is a unique experience, full of opportunities. Rome is the world’s largest outdoor museum, rich with churches, monuments, and galleries. Because the culture of Rome is so rich and varied, the program organizes special educational tours to places of cultural importance through­out the city. The entire cost of these guided tours is included in the overall cost of the program.  

Also included is participation in co-curricular activities related to Italian and Classical culture, including museum visits, neighborhood tours, and movies. Examples of past excursions outside of Rome include visits to Ostia, Naples and Pompeii.

Students studying in the program stay in shared apartments arranged by our program partner in Italy, CLI Dante Alighieri. Students will be able to request a single room or double room, depending on availability. Ten meals (breakfast and lunch) per week will be provided through the school.

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