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Digital Marketing Cognate

The digital marketing cognate at Bowling Green State University is designed to prepare students for careers in the fields of business, public relations and marketing.

A cognate is a selection of courses outside of a student’s degree program (at least six credit hours) that provide complementary support to the major and selected professional goals.

Students in this cognate learn all areas of digital marketing including digital media, mobile apps, social media advertising and digital analytics.

Quality classroom experiences

Students will receive a strong foundation in digital marketing, social media, analytics and e-commerce, among other crucial topics.

Please note that for the upper-level marketing courses listed above, the prerequisite is either MKT 2010 or MKT 3000.

Talk to your advisor about adding to your degree program.

Stand Out in courses like

  • MKT 3350 Digital Marketing
  • MKT 4000 Marketing Topics: Business on Amazon
  • MKT 4320 Marketing Analytics
  • MKT 4350 Social Media Marketing

If you have an eye for sales and are passionate about communication, you should boost your skills – and resume – with a cognate in digital marketing.

Digital marketing professionals are in high-demand. As more companies move away from print advertisement and toward digital media, such as mobile apps, social media ads, and digital analytics, they are seeking forward-thinking professionals to help them manage their marketing campaigns. Additionally, with experience in digital marketing, you grant yourself the flexibility to direct your career. You could start a home-based digital marketing agency or freelance.

Updated: 06/01/2020 12:15PM