Class Waitlists

A waitlist is a list that students can join and wait for open seats in a class. When registering for classes, if a student is attempting to add a class that is full, the student has the option of selecting the waitlist button on the course registration page to be included on the waitlist for the course. After the student has added the class as a waitlist, the class will appear as waitlist on the student's schedule. The student may see what number they are on the waitlist by consulting the list view of their schedule. 

If a registered student drops the class, the next eligible student on the waitlist will be enrolled in the class. The waitlist is an automatic process that runs once every 24 hours through the Office of Registration and Records. If the student is added to a course from the class waitlist, the Office of Registration and Records will notify the student via their BGSU email account within 24 hours once the term begins.  It is the student’s responsibility to review their class schedule for accuracy prior to the start of the term.

Waitlist Eligibility Guidelines: 

Students on a waitlist will only be enrolled in the course if they meet all course and credit hour eligibility requirements as follows:

  • Waitlist system will bypass a student if they are already enrolled in a different section of the same class. 
  • Waitlist system will bypass a student if the class creates a time conflict in their schedule.
  • Waitlist system will bypass a student if they do not meet the pre-requisites for the class.  If the department gives permission, the department will need to manually enroll the student in the class when a spot becomes available.
  • Waitlist system will bypass a student if enrolling them in the class will take their schedule over 18 credit hours, unless the student has received prior approval from their College office. 
  • If a student is on a waitlist for multiple sections of the same class, all other sections will be dropped as soon as the student is enrolled in one of the waitlisted sections.
  • If a student is on a waitlist, the Wait List class does not count towards credit hours and full-time student status. 

Students can add themselves to a waitlist prior to classes beginning for the term. The waitlist system will attempt to enroll a student through the “Last Day to Add classes without college permission” deadline.  

Students on a Wait List are encouraged to attend the first day of the class, even if they are not officially enrolled. These students may be allowed to enroll in the class if empty seats are available in the classroom. 

Keep in mind that not all courses use a waitlist. If a course does not include a waitlist, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the academic department that offers the course. 

Updated: 09/28/2021 12:30PM