2019 Austrian Studies Association Conference

Austrian Studies Association National Conference 2019
Austrian Studies Association National Conference 2019

Austria in Europe: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Migration, Immigration, & Integration

Austrian Studies Association Annual Conference 2019 | http://www.austrian-studies.org/   
April 11-14, 2019 | Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH

The 2019 conference of the Austrian Studies Association represents a joint venture between Bowling Green State University, Ohio and the Paris-Lodron Universität Salzburg, Austria. This interdisciplinary conference will explore a broad range of issues related to migration in the context of Austria and Europe. The presentations will highlight artistic, cultural, economic, and political developments from contemporary and historical perspectives.

Call for Papers:


Papers should be approximately 15 minutes in length to allow for some discussion at the end of each panel.

Conference Registration for Presenters:

Please note that the conference fee of $170 ($100 for graduate students who are unemployed) includes the reception on Thursday evening, breakfast and coffee-break snacks, and lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday.
All presenters must be members of the Austrian Studies Association. Your membership is connected to a subscription of the Journal of Austrian Studies. You can sign up for or renew your membership here:


Keynote Speakers and Special Event:
  • Opening Reception on Thursday at 6pm followed by viewing of "Der Bauer zu Nathal: Kein Film über Thomas Bernhard" 2018, 90 Min. (Co-Sponsored by Austrian Cultural Forum NY)


  • Dr. Mathias Beer, Director, Institut für donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde, Baden-Württemberg & University of Tübingen

  • Dr. Manfred Mittermayer, Director of the Literary Archive of the University of Salzburg.

  • Max Kade Writer in Residence at BGSU Clemens Berger will serve as our writer in residence for the conference and will hold a reading.

Program as of January 23, 2019:

Thursday, April 11, 2019
Austrian Studies Board Meeting   12:00-2:00pm
Afternoon Registration
Opening Reception (Sponsored by the University of Salzburg) 6:00-7:15pm

Film: Der Bauer zu Nathal: Kein Film über Thomas Bernhard 2018, 90 Min.

  • (Co-Sponsored by Austrian Cultural Forum NY)                                                
  • Directors: David Baldinger & Matthias Greuling     
  • Producers: Matthias Greuling and Robert Dassanowsky; Companies: Matthias Greuling Filmproduktion & Belvedere Film
  • Introductions: Robert Dassanowsky (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs) & Manfred Mittermayer (University of Salzburg)                                 
Friday, April 12, 2019  
Breakfast and Registration
Opening Remarks by President Rodney Rogers, Bowling Green State University & Welcome and Introductions by Conference Organizers 8:45-9:20am
Friday Morning Panels  

1. Aesthetizing Politics und Politicizing Aesthetics I

Moderator: Jacqueline Vansant (University of Michigan-Dearborn)

Slavomir Piontek (Adam-Mickiewicz-Universität, Poznan) "Österreichische Perspektiven auf die europäische Identifikationskrise anno 2000"

Anita McChesney (Texas Tech University) "The European Union and other Crazy Utopias: Robert Menasse’s Postnationalist Vision in Die Hauptstadt"

Sarah Schiffecker (Texas Tech University) "Rechts im Bild—Die xenophobe Welt des 'HC Man'"


2. Flight and the Experience of Exile in the 20th century

Moderator: Tim Corbett (Vienna)

Bela Rasky (Wiesenthal-Institut Wien) "Ungarnflüchtlinge 1956: Ein Mythos als Selbstläufer"

Andrea Strutz (Ludwig Boltzmann Institut Graz) "Odyssey to Canada: On the expulsion, flight and acceptance of Austrian Jewish Refugees and their integration into the Post-45-Canadian Society"

Sarah Knoll (University of Vienna) “Austria "Refugee Crises” and the Cold War"


3. World War I, the Interwar Years and Austrian (Literary) Responses

Moderator: Gregor Thuswaldner (Northpark University)

Eva Erber (Rutgers-State University of New Jersey) "The Nature of Battle—Alice Schalek’s Renditions of World War I"

Friederike Emonds (University of Toledo) "The Politics of Memory: Representations of World War I in Gina Kaus' Novel Die Front des Lebens (1928)"

Deborah Holmes (Universität Salzburg) "Wandering Figures in Joseph Roth’s Viennese Feuilletons, 1919-1920"

Thomas Rohringer (Kunstuniversität Linz) "Mapping Disability and Disabled Veterans 1914-1918"

Coffee Break 10:45-11:00am

1. Roundtable: Migration, Integration, and Assimilation: Reassessing Key Concepts in (Jewish) Austrian History

Tim Corbett (Vienna): Introduction and Moderation

Susanne Korbel (University of Graz): "Indifference & Similarity"

Dirk Rupnow (University of Innsbruck): "Migration & Integration"

Klaus Hödl (University of Graz): "Interaction & Meaningful Contacts"

Caroline Kita (Washington University, St. Louis): "Jewish Difference"


2. Intercultural Dialogues/ Intercultural Projects

Moderator: Beatrice Guenther (Bowling Green State University)

Katherine Arens (University of Texas at Austin) "Memoirs of Migration: Adorno, Lazarsfeld, and the US Radio"

David Luft (Oregon State University) "The Boundaries of Intellectual and Cultural History"

Anna Babka (University of Vienna) "Für eine ‚Binde-Strich-Literaturwissenschaft‘ –Lektüren österreichischer Gegenwartsliteratur entlang von Konzepten Trinh T. Minh-ha‘s und Homi Bhabha's"


3. Austrian Memory Culture

Moderator: Joshua Parker (University of Salzburg)

Roman Hutter (University of Vienna) "'Leben im Verborgenen.' Konzepte von Ortlosigkeit und Migration im Erinnern an den Genozid an Roma in Österreich"

Joshua Seale (Georgetown University) "Remembering‚ 'Flight and Expulsion'  in Local-Level Austrian Monuments and Memorials"

Arua Elabd (Vienna) "Wien, das Kulturzentrum Europas—doch für wen?"


Lunch and Keynote: Dr. Mathias Beer, Director, Institut für donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde in Tübingen & University of Tübingen (Co-sponsored by the University of Salzburg

Title: "Destination USA. Austria as a Transit Station for Refugees and Expellees from Southeastern Europe after WW II"

Introductions by Dr. Raymond Craig, Dean, Arts & Sciences, Bowling Green State University  

Friday Afternoon Panels

1. Migration-Integration in Contemporary Austrian Cinema and Culture

Moderator: Ralph Poole (University of Salzburg)

Tobias Heinrich (University of Kent) "Too Close to Home: The Concept of Heimat in Austrian Migrant Film"

Nikhil Sathe (Ohio University) "Intertextuality in Sudabeh Mortezai’s Macando (2014)"

Nancy Nenno (College of Charleston) "Hearing Voices: Black Austrians and Recent Cinema"

Philipp Rohrbach (University of Vienna) "The Adoption of Black Austrian GI-Children to the US after World WarII"


2. Habsburg Displacements: Schnitzler/ Freud/ Schnitzler

Moderator: Brigitte Prutti (University of Washington)

Andrew J. Webber (University of Cambridge) "Travelling Cases, or Figures of Displacement in Schnitzler"

Heidi Schlipphacke (University of Illinois at Chicago) "Disorientation and Displacement in Freud’s Theories of Anxiety"

Imke Meyer (University of Illinois at Chicago) "Wien liegt am Nordmeer: Affect and Empire in Schnitzler’s 'Die Toten schweigen'"


3. Sport, Tourism and Migration

Moderator: TBA

Rudolf Müllner (University of Vienna) "Approaches to a History of the Life and Influence of the Austro- American Sports Physician Hans Kraus (1905-1996)"

Andreas Praher (University Salzburg) "Austrian Skiers Going Abroad. Early Sport Migration and the Influence of Austrian Skiing on Transatlantic Transfer of Knowledge"

Maija Ojala-Fulwood (University of Salzburg) "The Seasonal Work in a Ski Resort – Fun Lifestyle or Labor Migration?"

Coffee Break 3:30-3:45pm
Friday Late-Afternoon Panels  

1. The South Tyrol and Austria: Center-Region- Borders

Moderator: Günter Bischof (Center Austria, University of New Orleans)

Roberta Pergher (Indiana University) "The South Tyrol Option and the Borderlines of National Historiographies"

Eden Knudsen McLean (Auburn University) "A Border within the Borderland: Assimilation through Separation in Italy’s South Tyrol, 1927-1934"

Gerald Steinacher (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) "Borderline: South Tyrol and its Nazi Past between Politics and Historiography"


2. Migration and Multilingual Poetics

Moderator: Sarah Painitz (Butler University) "Playing with Words: Multilingual Experimentation in the Work of Exile Writers"

Joshua Parker (Universität Salzburg) "I am from Austria: Czech, Ukranian and Slovakian Refugee Poets in New York"

Paul Hoehn (UC Berkeley) "Ann Cotten’s Bodily Poetics"


3. Cultural Disorientation, Displacements & Border Crossings

Moderator: Joseph Moser (West Chester University)

Amy Braun (Washington University, St. Louis) "Excavating Prague’s German Gothic: Ethnic Marginalization in Gustav Meyrink’s Der Golem (1915)"

Teresa Kovacs (University of Michigan) "'Grenzen wird es immer geben/ Denn von den Grenzen tun wir leben:' 'Border Lives‘ in Ödön von Horvath’s Hin und Her"

Pam Saur (Lamar University Texas)"Heinrich Harrer‘s Seven Years in Tibet: Theoretical and Individual Aspects of his Experiences"

Robert Dassanowsky (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs) "German Refugees, Austria as Social Satire, and Anschluss Counter-History: Reading Rudolf Frank’s 1938 Novel Fair Play oder, Es kommt nicht zum Krieg: Roman einer Emigration in Wien as Cinematic Text"

Dinner and ASA Business Meeting (Awards Ceremony) 6:00-7:15pm

Documentary Film Unten 2016, 87 Min. 

  • Djordje Cenic & Hermann Peseckas
  • Introduction to Migrationsarchiv der Stadt Salzburg and to the Filmmaker, Andreas Praher (University of Salzburg)
  • Discussion with Djordje Cenic after the film viewing
Saturday, April 13, 2019  
Coffee and Snacks 8:00-8:30am
Saturday Morning Panels  

1. Migration, Communities & Ethnic Minorities from the Habsburg Monarchy to present

Moderator: Amy Braun (Washington University

Michael John (University of Linz) "Maschikseite, Kuchl-Böhmisch, Powidl – die tschechische Zuwanderung nach Wien im 19. Und 20. Jahrhundert"

Annemarie Steidl (University of Vienna) "The Transatlantic Experience: Migrants from the Habsburg Empire in the USA, 1870-1930"

Laura Volgger (University of Innsbruck) "Migration, Integration, Isolation. Zielgruppenspezifische Fallanalyse der Lebensbereiche Familie, Bildung und Arbeitsmarktintegration weiblicher Migrantinnen in Tirol"   

Sarah Oberbichler (University of Innsbruck) "The Returnees: Remigration to Austria between 1850 and 1950"


2. Theater of Migration

Moderator: Elaine Chen (California State University, Long Beach & University of Salzburg

Agata Joanna Lagiewka (National University of Ireland)
"Julya Rabinowich and Vladimir Vertlib: Schreiben gegen die Empathielosigkeit in Zeiten der ‚Migrationskrisen"

Hansjakob Werlen (Swarthmore College) "Für uns spricht niemand:‘ Literature of Crisis—Elfriede Jelinek’s Die Schutzbefohlenen and Mikhail Shishkin’s Maidenhair"

Bernhard Doppler (University of Paderborn/ Deutschlandfunk Kultur) "Globalisierung und Theater: Thomas Köck"


3. Conservative Identity Discourses in Austrian Literature of the Mid- 20th Century

Moderator: TBA

Thorsten Carstensen (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) "Ehrfurcht vor der eigenen Vergangenheit: Hermann Bahrs Regionalismus"

Rudy Saliba (Vanderbilt University) "Shifting Conservatives: Stefan Zweig’s Curious Anti-Globalism"

Wolfgang Straub (University of Vienna/ Salzburg) "'Ein Größrer spielt auf dir'  Katholizismus als Kitt der österreichischen Nachkriegsliteratur"

Birthe Hoffmann (University of Copenhagen) "Die Eingeborenen von Maria Blut und den dänischen Südseeinseln: Maria Lazars ethnologische Analysen aus dem Exil"

Coffee Break 10:15-10:30am

1. Religious Space(s): Diasporic Identities

Moderator: TBA

Luca Lecis (University of Cagliari) "The Papacy, Vatican Diplomacy, and the Fate of the First Austrian Republic"

Paul Csillag (University of Innsbruck) "Leben in der “Diaspora”? Die evangelische Gemeinde im Außerfern"

Peter Clar (University of Vienna) "'Bitte betrachten sie mich als einen Traum': Sprache und Identität in Hamid Sadrs Gesprächszettel an Nora"


2. Negotiating Identities in Exile

Moderator: Margy Gerber, Berlin/ BGSU

Helga Schreckenberger (University of Vermont) "'Ich lebe jetzt zwei ganz getrennte Leben.' Negotiating Cultural Identity in Alja Rachmanowas Milchfrau in Ottakring (1931)"

Jacqueline Vansant (University of Michigan-Dearborn) "Tales of Everyday Life in the Extreme: Friendship, Adaptation, and Alienation in the Correspondence of Young Austrian-Jewish Refugee Schoolboys (1938-40)"

Joseph Moser (West Chester University of Pennsylvania) ”Austrians in Exile in Hungary during the Holocaust in Jonny Moser’s Autobiography Wallenburgs Laufbursche“

Julia Polczer (Fulbright/ Ohio State University) “‘Und niemals, niemals mehr wird Vineta Vineta sein‘—Heimatverlust und Österreichbilder in ausgewählten Kurzgeschichten der Exilschriftstellerin Alice Penkala"


Lunch and Keynote: Dr. Manfred Mittermayer , Director of the Literary Archive @ the University of Salzburg & Resident Director of BGSU’s AYA Salzburg

Title: “Migration als Thema bei den Rauriser Literaturtagen 2019”

Introductions by Dr. Ted Rippey, Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences, Bowling Green State University

Saturday Afternoon Panels  

1. Yasmo in Context(s): Hip-Hop and Slam—Poetry and Performance

Moderator: Teresa Kovacs (University of Michigan)

Edward Dawson (University of Maryland): "Background Music: The Sounds that Lurk Beneath the Words"

Frederik Dörfler (Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst, Wien) "Wie ist es als Frau?: Frauen im österreichischen HipHop"

Rhiannon Muncaster (University of Michigan): "ARTKORE: Negotiation and Performance of 'ethnic' masculinity in Austrian Rap"


2. Austrian Identity and Global Diplomacy and Politics

Moderator: Douglas Forsyth (Bowling Green State University)

Mary K. Robinsons (Lourdes University) “A Reluctant Addition to the Court: Madam de Montesquiou’s Sojourn in Vienna 1814-1815”

Michael Burri (Bryn Mawr College) “The Drimmel Effect: Or, The Enemy of the State as Founding Figure in Austrian Foreign Culture Diplomacy”

Rares Piloui (Otterbein University Westerville) “Nationalism without Nations: The Forgotten Legacy of Austro-Marxism and what it can teach us about National Identity in the 21st century”

Alla Borisova (Woronesch State University of Engineering Technologies) "Das Problem des „Anschlusses" in den deutsch-österreichischen Beziehungen 1918-1923"


3. Intermediality and Intertextuality as Subversion in the Arts:

Moderator: TBA

Eftychia Papanikolaou (Bowling Green State University) "Subversive Mozart? Re-examining the Two  Armored Men Scene in Die Zauberflöte"

Fanny Orban (Andrássy University Budapest) "Die Operette als kulturelles Spezifikum der Donaumonarchie"

Julie M. Johnson (University of Texas, San Antonio) "The Ars Combinatoria of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis"

Laura Morowitz (Wagner College NY) "The schöne Wienerin, the deutsche Mädel and the Absent Jewess: Portraiture and Cultural Politics in Nazi Vienna"

Coffee Break

1. Aesthetizing Politics and Politicizing Aesthetics II

Moderator: TBA

Peter Maeilaender (Houghton College) "Literary Migration: Austria, Germany, Switzerland"

Rebecca Thomas (Wake Forest University) "Kathrin Röggla’s Bamberg Lectures: Truth, Justice and the Populist Way"

Geoffrey C. Howes (Bowling Green State University) "Reverse Immigration, Inner Emigration, and Panda Diplomacy: Socioeconomic Criticism in Clemens Berger’s Novel Im Jahr des Panda (2016)"


2. Austrian Identity and Global Politics

Moderator: Andreas Praher (University of Salzburg)

Christian Karner (University of Nottingham) "Patriots of all countries unite!": The FPÖ’s Rhetoric and Version of European (Dis)integration"

Philipp Mittnik (Zentrum für Politische Bildung)"Der schmale Grat zwischen Rechtspopulismus und Rechtsetremismus: Die ideologischen Grundlagen der Freiheitlichen Partei Österreichs"

Khani Begum (Bowling Green State University) "Deconstructing Autria’s Islamophobia: Fear and Loathing of Refugees, Burqas, and Islamism"

Stefan Fritsch (Bowling Green State University) Yale H. Ferguson, (Rutgers University-Newark) "Austrian Identity in Global Politics"


3. Intertextuality and Intermediality as Intercultural Dialogue

Moderator: TBA

Matthias Mansky (University of Vienna) "Österreichs Schiller. Parodie und nationale Identität im 19. Jahrhundert"

Elaine Chen (California State University, Long Beach & University of Salzburg) "Homeless Wanderers, Wandering Artists: Stefan Zweig’s Place in Early Twentieth-Century Kleist Reception"

Susanne Hochreiter (University of Vienna) "Fremde. Reisende. Franz Kafkas Erzählungen als Graphic Novel"

Viktoria Pötzl (University of Vienna) "Conversations between Theodor Herzl, Doron Rabinovici and Natan Sznaider. A Feminist Analysis of Zionism and Orientalism"

Dinner 6:00-7:00pm
Reading by Max Kade Writer in Residence, Clemens Berger 7:15-8:15pm
YASMO & die Klangkantine (Yasmin Hafhed). Introductions TBA 8:30-10:00pm
Sunday, April 14, 2019  
Sunday Morning Panel  

1. Aesthetizing Politics and Politicizing Aesthetics III: Christoph Ransmayr & Norbert Gstrein

Moderator: TBA

Susan C. Anderson (University of Oregon): "Christoph Ransmayr’s Journeys Home in Atlas eines ängstlichen Mannes"

Maria Naganowska (Adam-Mickiewicz-University, Poznan) "Kartograph der Integrationsräume. Zu Christoph Ransmayrs Fremdheitsauffassung"

Michael Boehringer (University of Waterloo) "Migration in and as Literature: Norbert Gstrein’s Die kommenden Jahre (2018)"

Daniela Roth (Dalhousie University & Saint Mary’s University, Halifax) "The Functionalization of the Figure of the Refugee in Norbert Gstrein’s Die kommenden Jahre (2018)"


2. Popular Culture Films—In Search of Heimat

Moderator: TBA

Maria Speggiorin (University of Illinois at Chicago) "Luis Trenker’s 'Der verlorene Sohn‘ and South Tyrolean Migration after 1919"

Ralph J. Poole (University of Salzburg) "Currying Favor with German Taste: De-Austrifying the Postwar Heimatfilm"

Felix W. Tweraser (University of West Georgia) "A Complex Reckoning with Vienna: Otto Preminger’s The Cardinal"

Laura Detre (West Chester University of PA) "Leon Askin and Transatlantic Lives After the Holocaust"

Coffee Break

Final Plenary Session: Roundtable with Past and Present Editors of Journal for Austrian Studies, USA

50 Years of Scholarship in Austrian Studies: The Past, Present, and Future of Modern Austrian Literature / Journal of Austrian Studies


Hillary Hope Herzog, University of Kentucky

Todd Herzog, University of Cincinnati

Geoffrey Howes, Bowling Green State University

Joseph Moser, West Chester University

Helga Schreckenberger, University of Vermont

Jacqueline Vansant, University of Michigan – Dearborn

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  • Friday - breakfast, mid-day beverage and snack, lunch, and dinner
  • Saturday - morning coffee and snacks, lunch, and dinner
  • Sunday - mid-morning coffee break
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  • Opening Reception on Thursday at 6pm followed by viewing of "Der Bauer zu Nathal: Kein Film über Thomas Bernhard" 2018, 90 Min. (Co-Sponsored by Austrian Cultural Forum NY)


  • Dr. Mathias Beer, Director, Institut für donauschwäbische Geschichte und Landeskunde, Baden-Württemberg & University of Tübingen

  • Dr. Manfred Mittermayer, Director of the Literary Archive of the University of Salzburg.

  • Max Kade Writer in Residence at BGSU Clemens Berger will serve as our writer in residence for the conference and will hold a reading.

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