What's your idea worth sharing?

We are looking for speakers with Ideas Worth Sharing, who can connect with the audience, and can convey their idea with passion and authority. You should have something unique to share, challenge the audience, and give a talk with the power to change lives and ultimately the world.

TEDxBGSU Speakers

Applications are open on a rolling basis. If you are interestd in speaking, please apply by December 2 of the year prior to the TEDxBGSU event for which you are applying (e.g., December 2, 2023 for the TEDxBGSU 2024 event).

Thank you for your interest in speaking at TEDxBGSU. Please complete the following form to present your unique idea. Our theme this year is “For the Public Good”. Although it is not a requirement to align your topic with this, we strongly recommend it.

TEDx talks are posted to the internet for the world to see, so consider limiting any explicit connection to BGSU in your talk. Your TEDx talk should be no longer than 12 minutes.

TEDxBGSU is licensed through TED, and there are strict guidelines for how we organize events and content guidelines for speakers. Please view the official rules.

We want to emphasize that your talk can’t have a commercial agenda (promotion of your own products). TED also prohibits us from paying a speaker in any form and professional/motivational speakers are not allowed. Scientific claims made throughout talks should be based on data, and speakers should be transparent about the basis for factual claims. No talks with inflammatory political or religious agenda will be accepted.

More information:

Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by TEDx team. We carefully consider each application that comes in and we thank you for applying to speak at TEDxBGSU!

Event Information:

Location: Bowen-Thompson Student Union
Date: March 21, 2024
Application Deadline: December 2, 2023

Updated: 06/24/2023 03:47PM