With over thirty unique organizations, we are confident you can find a sense of belonging within our fraternity and sorority community.

The Fraternity and Sorority chapters at BGSU are governed by four student-led governing bodies called "councils." These councils provide governance, accountability, educational opportunities and structure for our chapters.

Use the links below to learn more about each of the four councils, find the chapters associated with each council and learn more about each chapter and locate contact information 

Recruitment Process

If you want to join a fraternity or sorority, visit the How to Join webpage to get started.

How to Join

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) fraternities and sororities

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) is an umbrella organization for nine historically black, inter/national Greek-lettered organizations that evolved during a period when African-Americans were being denied essential rights and privileges afforded to other college students. Today, the primary purpose and focus of member organizations remains community awareness and action through educational, economic, and cultural service activities. The individual member is also expected to align with a graduate and/or alumni chapter, following graduation from college to perpetuate the purpose of the council and their individual organizations.

NPHC Chapters

Click on the individual links below to learn more about each chapter.

  • Greek Letters: ΑΦΑ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Epsilon Theta
  • Nicknames: Alphas
  • Motto: “First of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all."
  • Founded: Dec. 4, 1906


  • Greek Letters: ΑΚΑ
  • Local Chapter Designation: ΑΚΑ
  • Nickname: AKAs
  • Motto: "By culture and by merit."
  • Founded: Jan. 15, 1908


  • Greek Letters: KAΨ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Zeta Nu
  • Nicknames: Kappas, NUPES, Zandeh
  • Motto: Achievement in every field of human endeavor."
  • Founded: Jan. 5, 1911


  • Greek Letters: ΩΨΦ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Delta Epsilon
  • Nicknames: Que
  • Motto: “Friendship is essential to the soul.”
  • Founded: Nov. 17, 1911


  • Greek Letters: ΔΣΘ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Epsilon Omicron
  • Nicknames: Deltas
  • Motto: "Intelligence is the torch of wisdom."
  • Founded: Jan. 13, 1913


  • Greek Letters: ΦΒΣ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Epsilon Phi
  • Nicknames: Sigmas
  • Motto: "Culture for service and service for humanity."
  • Founded: Jan. 9, 1914


  • Greek Letters: IΦΘ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Gamma Nu* 
  • Nicknames: Lotas
  • Motto: "Building a tradition, not resting upon one."
  • Founded: Sept. 19, 1963


* Please note: This chapter is affiliated with the University of Toledo.

Things to do before joining an NPHC chapter:

  • Engage in community service projects in the local community or your hometown community.
  • Gain leadership experiences through student organizations, in-class room experience, or internships.
  • Focus on your academics and build a strong foundation in your course-work.
  • Learn about individual organizations and attend events hosted by them and the National Pan-Hellenic Council.
How to Join

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) fraternities and sororities

At Bowling Green State University, the Multicultural Greek Council is a place for our organizations with a spotlight on equality, diversity, and progress to gather and lead the efforts for the campus. These organizations promote the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants and refugees, LatinX and Hispanic populations, and many more. Together, they provide hands-on service to these causes and bring education to our fraternity and sorority community about pressing issues and crises.

MGC Chapters

Click on the individual links below to learn more about each chapter.

  • Greek Letters: ΩΦΑ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Alpha
  • Nicknames: Alpha
  • Motto: “Today's friends, tomorrow's leaders, forever in service.”
  • Founded: June 15, 1967


  • Greek Letters: ΣΛΓ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Omicron
  • Nicknames: The Gammas
  • Motto: "Culture is pride, pride is success."
  • Founded: April 9, 1990


Things to do before joining an MGC chapter:

  • Know your values. Are you prepared to discuss them? Grounding yourself in your values will help you find an organization that aligns with your interests and goals.
  • Engage in community service projects in the local community or your hometown community.
  • Develop time management skills. This will help you navigate your university experience.
  • Gain an understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and multiculturalism.
How to Join

College Panhellenic Conference (CPC) sororities

The College Panhellenic Conference is the coordinating body of the 11 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters at BGSU. Panhellenic membership at BGSU is an experience that will shape your college career and provide value beyond your years as a Falcon. Fraternity and sorority life has become an integral part of the University's culture and tradition, and our community is proud to uphold the values of what it means to be Greek! Membership in any Panhellenic chapter will offer you opportunities for individual growth, scholarship, service, and life-long membership. As one of the largest women's organizations on campus, we strive to ensure the Panhellenic community upholds its traditions and excellence every day. Together we maintain a dedication of putting academics first and giving back to the community!

CPC Chapters

Click on the individual links below to learn more about each chapter.

  • Greek Letters: ΑΧΩ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Beta Phi
  • Nickname: Alpha Chi
  • Motto: "Together let us seek the heights.”
  • Founded: Oct. 15, 1885


  • Greek Letters: ΑΟΠ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Alpha Psi
  • Nickname: A-O-Pi
  • Motto: "Inspire ambition."
  • Founded: Jan. 2, 1897


  • Greek Letters: ΑΦ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Beta Omicron
  • Nickname: A Phi
  • Motto: “Union hand in hand.”
  • Founded: Oct. 10, 1872


  • Greek Letters: ΑΞΔ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Beta Mu
  • Nickname: AXID
  • Motto: ““The pen is mightier than the sword.”
  • Founded: April 17, 1893


  • Greek Letters: ΧΩ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Kappa Delta
  • Nickname: Chi-O
  • Motto: “Sisters on purpose.”
  • Founded: April 5, 1895


  • Greek Letters: ΔΓ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Beta Mu
  • Nickname: DG
  • Motto: “Do good.”
  • Founded: Dec. 25, 1873


  • Greek Letters: ΔΖ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Gamma Tau
  • Nickname: DZ
  • Motto: “Walk truly in the light of the flame.”
  • Founded: Oct. 24, 1902


  • Greek Letters: ΚΔ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Beta Mu
  • Nickname: KD
  • Motto: “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.”
  • Founded: Oct. 23, 1897


  • Greek Letters: ΚΚΓ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Zeta Kappa
  • Nicknames: "Kappa" or "KKG"
  • Motto: "Dream boldly. Live fully."
  • Founded: Oct. 13, 1870


  • Greek Letters: ΠΒΦ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Ohio Theta
  • Nickname: Pi Phi
  • Motto: “Friends and leaders for life.”
  • Founded: April 28, 1867


  • Greek Letters: ΣΚ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Theta Upsilon
  • Nickname: Sig Kap
  • Motto: “One heart, one way.”
  • Founded: Nov. 9, 1874


What you should know before joining a CPC chapter:

  • What are your values? Are you prepared to discuss them? Grounding yourself in your values will help you find an organization that aligns with your interests and goals
  • Top 5 questions you can ask sororities during the joining process:
    1. What does it mean to be a member of the Panhellenic community? What sorts of responsibilities are associated with this membership, both tacit and explicit?
    2. How have you grown as a result of being a member of the Panhellenic community?
    3. What is the most meaningful opportunity has your affiliation afforded you?
    4. What values does this chapter prioritize?
    5. How does this chapter support its members? What about the Panhellenic community as a whole?    
How to Join

Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternities

The Interfraternity Council is the coordinating and governing body for its member chapters. The mission of the Interfraternity Council at BGSU is to obtain and continuously build men who are committed to upholding and representing the values of academic excellence, civic engagement, leadership, accountability to shared standards, and positive relations within the community. The IFC establishes and coordinates all recruitment activities, promotes, and supervises academic achievement, governs the actions of its member chapters, and promotes community service projects throughout the year and establishes bonds and maintains a common ground with all fraternities. It is the goal of all members of the Interfraternity Council of Bowling Green State University to be positive leaders on campus.

IFC Chapters

Click on the individual links below to learn more about each chapter.

  • Greek Letters: ΑΣΦ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Gamma Zeta
  • Nickname: Alpha Sig
  • Motto: "The cause is hidden, the results well-known."
  • Founded: Dec. 6, 1845


  • Greek Letters: ΑΤΩ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Epsilon Kappa
  • Nickname: ATO
  • Motto: "Love and respect."
  • Founded: Sept. 11, 1865


  • Greek Letters: ΚΣ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Episilon Et
  • Nickname: Kappa Sig
  • Motto: "Bologna teaches."
  • Founded: Dec. 10, 1869


  • Greek Letters: ΛΧΑ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Phi Mu Zeta
  • Nickname: Lambda Chi
  • Motto: "“Naught without labor.”
  • Founded: Nov. 2, 1909


  • Greek Letters: ΦΜΑ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Iota Omicron
  • Nicknames: Sinfonia
  • Motto: "Among men harmony.”
  • Founded: Oct. 6, 1898


  • Greek Letters: ΣΑΕ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Ohio Kappa
  • Nicknames: S A E
  • Motto: "Together, we rise above."
  • Founded: March 9, 1856


  • Greek Letters: ΣΧ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Delta Kappa
  • Nicknames: n/a
  • Motto: “In this sign you shall conquer.”
  • Founded: June 28, 1855


  • Greek Letters: ΣΧ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Epsilon Chi
  • Nicknames: n/a
  • Motto: “Excelling with honor”
  • Founded: Jan. 1, 1869


  • Greek Letters: ΣΦΕ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Ohio Kappa
  • Nicknames: Sig Ep
  • Motto: "Building balanced men."
  • Founded: Nov. 1, 1901


  • Greek Letters: TKE
  • Local Chapter Designation: Zeta Lambda
  • Nicknames: Teke
  • Motto: "Better men for a better world."
  • Founded: Jan. 10, 1899


  • Greek Letters: ΘΧ
  • Local Chapter Designation: Gamma Mu
  • Nicknames: n/a
  • Motto: "An assisting hand."
  • Founded: April 10, 1856


What you should know before joining a IFC chapter:

  • Did you belong to a club or organization in high school? You are encouraged to join a club or organization outside of fraternity life.
  • Develop time management skills. This will help you navigate your university experience.
  • Have conversations with your support system. As you are going through the joining process consider all fraternities and ask your families and friends for guidance.
  • Get to know all fraternities. All fraternities are founded on values. Ask members: Why they joined a fraternity? How joining a fraternity has impacted their life? How their fraternity values lalign with their own personal values.?
How to Join

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