The Spirit Crew

SICSIC is currently made up of a collection of six undergraduate students (two sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who attempt to uphold the legacy of the founders of the group, which was started in 1946, by promoting school spirit and goodwill for Bowling Green State University.

The traditions and customs of SICSIC are revealed only to members. So members are chosen with great discretion. Each member possesses special character and abilities that add to the overall effectiveness of the group. New members are chosen during the end of their freshman year in order to replace that year's graduating seniors.

This transition period of about a month is the only time there are more than six active members. Each member holds his or her own individual persona, but every SICSIC 's spirit belt holds the same type of equipment.

The Mask - to hide the identity of the student
Candy - for the kiddies around campus
Tape - to put up the informative and humorous signs on campus buildings
SICSIC cards - which provide a brief overview of the group and its history

Crew members develop close bonds which last after the unmasking, graduation, and moving on from Bowling Green. The time spent together is a gift that not many people have the chance to experience.

The members of SICSIC can, and do, show up anywhere at anytime. To the left, a few members find their way into the President's box at a home Falcon football game. Another thing is for sure, the hammy members of the spirit crew are always ready for a photo opportunity.

Updated: 08/31/2023 01:46PM