Originating in the 1970’s under the reputable BGSU Pommerette name, the legacy of BGSU Dance Team begins.  The Pommerettes goal was to perform, promote pep and spirit.  Initially sponsored by the Alumni Association the Pommerettes participated in halftime shows during the basketball season and at pep rallies. You could easily recognize a Pommerette by her white go-go boots, sequins bow tie and white tuxedo jacket. 

The late 1980’s brought a new style to the “traditional” pom team.  The Pommerettes began to entertain BGSU fans at halftime of football games and serve as hostesses in the press boxes when not performing. 

Kicking off in 90’s and sponsored by the Athletic Department the Pommerettes continued to promote spirit on the campus and in Bowling Green’s community.  Working directly with the cheerleaders and mascots to support University Athletics these ladies continue to perform at basketball and football games, Freshman Fall Welcome, Stroh Ceneter pre-game show and Homecoming parade.

Big changes occurred in 1997 when the Pommerettes changed their name to what we know now the BGSU Dance Team.  In addition to the name change the dancers ventured out into the community to perform at county parades and local dance competition. Before the 90’s end the team attends summer camp for the first time.

Currently sponsored through Student Life, the BGSU Dance Team has had the opportunities to attend UDA summer camps, Bowl Games, MAC tournament and, UDA College Nationals in Orlando, Florida.

Updated: 08/31/2023 01:46PM