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The need for innovation in today's commercial environment is paving better opportunities for both industries and universities through engaging in legal partnership. Companies can benefit from highly qualified research from BGSU faculty, staff, and students and can gain access to innovative technologies. There are several options available for external partners to gain access to BGSU innovations.

The Ohio Attorney General strongly supports commercialization of state university research and innovation through technology transfer from Ohio universities to industry. This webpage is designed to facilitate and expedite those commercialization activities. The Ohio Attorney General, with comment from various Ohio technology transfer officers, developed a document explaining the Anatomy of a Patent License and a template Patent License Agreement.

BGSU is open to license available technologies and innovations to either an existing company or start-up companies based on the parameters mentioned in the above sections. There are potentially several options for licensing: Option Agreement, Non-Exclusive License or an Exclusive License.

An option agreement typically gives a company the exclusive right to evaluate a technology for a short period of time prior to executing a full license agreement. In most cases, the option agreement requires the company to reimburse BGSU's patent expenses. BGSU has established a pre-approved template Option Agreement.

BGSU has established pre-approved template agreements for each option. Please contact OTTS to start the process.

This refers to the project undertaken by BGSU that is sponsored or funded by an external organization in support of research, institution, training, services or other scholarly activities. Please note that a gift differs from a sponsored project and you may visit Collaborate with BGSU to learn more about other options in external engagement with BGSU.

Updated: 01/16/2020 09:02AM